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A couple of weeks ago I promised that this ebook on real estate promotion would get finished and uploaded, and it did. But then I got side-tracked with client work, didn't have time to keep up with my blogging, and forgot to mention it. So now... it's finally available. My new ebook, "107 Ways to...
This information is valuable to me - so thought I'd pass it along in case it's valuable to someone else. I have an old copy of Photoshop - and I bought a couple of books on how to use it - but I don't have the hours it would take to study it and "learn the language." I'm going to start at the fir...
Mayor Bloomberg and all the other politicians should just admit that they care nothing about American citizens. The only reason they're in politics is for the prestige, the power, and the fat bank accounts. I can only hope that the first responders, and the families and friends of those who died ...
This kind of fraud is taking place all over the country - a sad example of how crooks prey on those most vulnerable and most in need of hope. We've all been taught that "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't true," but when people are hurting they believe when they shouldn't. We nee...
For the second time this evening, I'm agreeing with what Karen has written. I agree completely that what makes Active Rain so special is the "personality factor." Agents (and copywriters, stagers, inspectors, etc.) are all real people, and that "real" side is what draws other people to us. This i...
Karen's message cannot be repeated often enough. We as Americans must come together to solve this crisis. We can't sit back and wait for the people in government to do it, because they aren't going to. Would it really kill today's kids to have 2 new shirts made in the U.S. instead of 10 new shirt...
Today I've been working on web copy for a client. Since he's even more technologically illiterate than I am, I'm also uploading it and helping set up his new website. This client happens to be right here in my own backyard. (Unusual - most of my clients are either in California, Florida, Texas, o...
Maybe you love history, or think it would be fun to give your website visitors a little taste of how things were 100 years ago. If so, you'll love the website I found today. I was just looking for a map of Idaho's 5 northern counties - but I ended up finding a record of my great-grandfather's ori...
It feels like i've been away from here for months - but I guess it really is just a few days. So many of my recent posts have been complaints about the computer and since I was still growling, it seemed best to just be quiet. This new computer is eating DAYS of my life! Between trying to figure o...
Considering the blogs and comments I've read, I think most of the agents here on Active Rain do make this guarantee to their listing clients. But you might not be advertising the fact, and after my family's recent experience, I think you should.   I don't mean just the promise to serve them well....

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