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The buying public would sure be better off if all lenders were like Rebekah! Staying on top of loan program changes has to be an extreme challenge, but by doing it she's making her clients' lives easier. My hat is off to Rebekah! October 1st brings 4 BIG changes to FHA, VA and USDA loan guideline...
Well, to tell the truth, I never was "with" this guy in the first place. But today's message caused me to quit deleting his messages and take the time to unsubscribe. Some person called Rick has been sending me a whole flood of emails lately. I have no idea why - I don't even know what it is he's...
Your favorite blogs and newsletters probably all have something in common… they probably feel like they were written directly to you.   There's just something more appealing, more personal, to a message that says "you" instead of "you guys." And it doesn't matter that we know the message is going...
Best Business Practices: Say What You'll Do, Then Do What You Say This is so basic that no one should ever even have to mention it, but unfortunately, a whole lot of people in business don't do what they say they'll do. In my copywriting business, doing what I say I'll do usually means turning in...
  Today's mail brought a letter from Grange Insurance, informing me of an endorsement which changes my homeowners' policy. Since it was written in legalese gobbledy-gook, it took a few reads through to figure it out. But finally, I think I have the gist… If I default on my mortgage, my lender or ...
When Google +1 was announced, the idea was that it would soon overtake the Facebook "like," but I'm not so sure that's happening. I see plenty of good sites - and blogs with enough comments to indicate that a variety of people enjoyed them - but they're painfully low "+" numbers. My feeling is th...
Home staging hadn't yet made it to North Idaho when I left real estate sales, and I only hope it is here now. I remember dealing with homes that were so cluttered it was hard to see the floors - and of course they sat on the market for months and even years. Staging would have been a God-send for...
Last night I had work to do in the kitchen that occupied my hands and not my mind, so I dug out an old set of casette tapes and began listening to Napoleon Hill. On the tape he talks about the man who started the Piggley Wiggley stores. He worked in a grocery store, mostly delivering groceries. A...
Earlier today I swas reading a blog that had some really cool graphics - a little gold colored man wheeling around some gold colored money... I've seen those golden stick figures before and wondered where they got them, so today I looked at the image information and found that it said "Active Rai...
One thing I wish my first broker had taught me - "Hang on to those past clients!" She didn't, and not because she forgot to say it. She didn't do it herself. It was as if she thought that once a person purchased or sold a home or land, that was it. They weren't going to do it again. And I don't k...

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