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Prospects aren't human resources professionals, so why should they be treated as if they were? I spent a little time today looking at real estate websites, and agent bios. I know I'm just a little bit fanatic about them, because I think they play an important role in helping prospects choose betw...
Today on my way home from a trip to visit my son, I was driving up the highway, traveling at the speed limit, as was the car ahead of me. As I came around a corner and hit a straight patch of road, a car flew around me. This isn't unusual, because the "out-of-staters" seem to have an attitude tha...
When I got this email I had to look twice to make sure the lady wasn't writing from my own home town... because we're always ten or fifteen years behind times. Here's what she asked... Dear Marte, I’m a real estate sales person in a small town that hasn’t caught up to the current century. Instead...
Last night my friend Susan called to ask me if I knew anything about a little brown dog that she had seen running on Eastside Road. She had seen it last night and the night before and was worried because it looked to be a dog who belonged in the house.  After all, night-time temperatures are down...
Today I had a conversation with a gentleman who wanted a drip marketing campaign. We discussed who would be getting the letters, how long each message should be, and what he wanted to convey to people. Then he asked me "Do you have some kind of special tricks you use in your letters?" When I aske...
In her blog post about how out of state buyers choose an agent, Kelle Sparta mentions the fact that so many agents fail to fill out their profiles or enter bios, even when it's free to do so.  These agents are turning their backs on opportunity. Like Kelle, if I were going into an area and wanted...
  This situation needs to be broadcast everywhere - if shame is going to have any influence on banks and lawmaker's behavior. I'm going to disable comments here, because everyone should go read the original post and the comments there. Lots and lots of food for thought. As long as the banks get t...
This week I've noticed something really odd with my email, and with email from Active Rain in particular. Mail is being delivered late. Not just a few minutes late, but a whole lot late. I'd noticed several weeks ago that some email from a friend was being sent in the morning and arriving in the ...
Just a reminder... So many times here on Active Rain we see agents talking about real estate investors as if they were ALL scummy people – out to take advantage of poor defenseless sellers, or out to do shoddy remodel jobs that cover problems rather than repair them. We know some of them are like...
This week I've been working on some web pages and blog posts for a San Diego website - so I started doing some research. I was looking for statistics about foreclosures, short sales, pricing, etc. Imagine my surprise when I found these two results on Google - one above the other:                 ...

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