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No children come around trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, but that doesn't stop my 83 year old neighbor from getting into the spirit of things. Every year he buys a whole case of miniature Snickers bars with almonds - and brings me a bag or two. Then he gets out his stash of plastic pumpkins...
"News from Swanepoel Trends Report" landed in my inbox this morning - I don't know why, but there it was. Since it said "Real Estate Trends" it seemed like a good idea to read it, and boy was I shocked! The gist of the article was that real estate agents needed to be thinking about mobile marketi...
Sharing good news is fun! Sharing good news about people you've come to like and admire is even more fun! Congratulations to Debbie Gartner for her feature in The Best of Everything 2011 in Westchester Home Magazine! Floor Coverings International of Westchester NY (Elmsford) is featured again in ...
This is just a small detail, but something I notice over and over - and I think it could make a difference. When I get copywriting inquiries from agents, most have their contact information as their signature at the end of the message. But it's missing something! If they've asked me to give them ...
Do you believe in "Give first" marketing? I do. If you've read any of my free prospecting letters (or purchased any of my letter sets) you might have noticed – I belong to the "Give before you ask" school of marketing. The new (free) "Who Are You" letters are a prime example. So are the FSBO lett...
Does home ownership have enough tax advantages to push buyers off the fence?   That depends.   With interest rates low, low-end buyers probably won't get a tax advantage from home ownership because they aren't paying much in interest. The standard deduction will offset any mortgage interest tax d...
Rising Rents make now a fine time to buy for both would-be homeowners AND investors. With so many consumers unable to purchase a home, the laws of supply and demand dictates that rents will continue to rise. In some communities it is already cheaper to pay a mortgage payment than a rent payment. ...
Back on October 8, Rob Shepherd wrote a blog post entitled "I Don't Know Anythng About Them." In it he mentioned how nice it would be if all the local contractors and services knew the real estate agents working in their neighborhoods. Larry Bettag agreed that you want your name out there all of ...
This week's mail brought some fine examples of how NOT to market your services, so I decided to share:   Blunder #1:   Most people opt into my weekly marketing letter by entering their name and address in a web form. However, you can opt in by sending an email to the autoresponder address. When t...
Last night, as I was searching for the right charger cord for some appliance, I came across this cord, and I'll be darned if I know what it's for. I know it's been here for a while, because for the past couple of years I've been labeling all these miscellaneous cords. One end is a USB plug-in. Th...


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