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Today I spent most of the day going over a client's real estate website - doing a "checkup." I started with the tabs across the top - checking to see where each one went and if it matched the promise on the tab. Then I checked every link on the rotating header and in the sidebar blocks. Most of t...
This article at the Scottsdale Property Shop had me chuckling, but the more I think about it... why not? The disgruntled real estate agent is setting up a website where agents can go to rate their clients - and he has the rating system all worked out. One rating category I think he missed is the ...
Last week I saw new real estate signs go up in our little town. Century 21 Riverstone replaced River Mountain Realty. Nine years ago, River Mountain Realty replaced Cliff Realty. Gee… has it really been THAT long? Times have changed, so this time I expect their entry into our small town will be m...
Stores like K-Mart and Sears (and probably many others) are offering "Layaway" programs for their customers so they can take advantage of pre-Christmas sales. They started promoting this a few weeks ago - and TV ads are showing happy customers pushing full carts of merchandise toward the custonme...
I really don't like to hear the words "That's not fair!" It seems like the people who say them are always the kind who aren't pulling their own weight, and expect someone else to give them something. We're hearing it and seeing it on the news all the time now. It's not fair that some people make ...
First, let me say that most of the time, I think spelling is easy.   There have been a few words in my life that wouldn't "stick" but I've figured out tricks to get them in my head. For instance: Pend Oreille. That's the river that flows past the town of Priest River, so when I was an agent I use...
 Writing is difficult.I know this is true, because Andy Rooney said so. Tonight I ran out of library books, and since I can't stand hanging around the kitchen watching food cook unless there's a book in my hand, I went to my book shelf in search of … something. What I found was an old Andy Rooney...
I've always looked forward to Mondays as a fresh start with new opportunities. Some of them don't quite make the grade, but today was exceptionally good. First I found a phone message from a new client. Well, she wasn't a client just then, but she is now. And for that I have to thank some other c...
Browsing the real estate magazines today, I came across an article stating that the construction of rental housing is on the rise because renters are now paying more for housing than homeowners. I wouldn't take one article's word for it, but recently, I've read that in many markets renting does c...
The Most Often Used Real Estate Copywriting Book on My Shelf   Actually, it never makes it to my shelf. This book sits at the side of my desk, always within reach. And the word "copywriting" doesn't even appear within its covers. It offers no advice, no insight on writing headlines or the psychol...

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