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Some people cook when they're frustrated. Some go for a walk or listen to music. I just go read and write, at least in winter. In summer I might choose the walk - or pulling weeds! Today's frustration started a couple of weeks ago when I listened to a teleseminar about putting books on Amazon for...
A funny thought occurred to me a few minutes ago... It all started when my email presented me with a message that said: "Shocking video reveals how to learn a foreign language in just 10 days!"  The headline was followed by: BREAKING NEWS:Scientific discovery reveals the secret to speaking any la...
Opportunities to pay it forward come when you least expect them - at least this one did. Yesterday it was time to make a grocery store run - and instead of using my own vehicle, I drove my son's pickup. That was a lucky break for a lady in the parking lot. As I was loading my purchases into the p...
Do you have children to read to this Christmas? If so, you might enjoy a little "feel good" story my Mom wrote several years ago. She was a talented story-teller who could entertain my children for hours, making up stories about their favorite TV characters, animals in the forest, or any subject ...
We don't do much with lights around here, since there's no traffic going past our house. So instead of decorating the house, we decorate places we can see from inside the house. But I do love seeing other people's lights, and do admire people who make the effort to put on displays for their neigh...
Have you ever gone on a vacation when things went wrong? That's a vacation you and your family talk about and laugh about for years, right? Well, this year's Christmas Tree is one that we'll remember. Not that there was anything wrong with the tree itself... I like to wait until about a week befo...
Although it's what the politicans call it, this isn't even a tax cut. It's a reduction in contributions to Social Security. That's money that was SUPPOSED to be held and invsted for the retirement of the people who paid in. Of course, congress has changed all that now, and it's a giveaway for peo...
Last week I had a copywriting inquiry from a gentleman who said he was a good writer and enjoyed writing, but he needed a new agent bio and just wasn't getting it done. Part of the reason was that he was busy with real estate clients and hadn't been able to carve out a good chunk of time for writ...
Thanks to Pacita for bringing this news to our attention. It's about time this happened, but in my opinion it doesn't go far enough. Lawmakers like Maxine Waters and Barney Frank, and a bunch of bank CEO's should be indicted right along with them.And maybe the charge shouldn't just be fraud. How ...
Tonight made me a little crazy. I had spent much of the day writing blog posts for a new client and it was time to upload them to her Wordpress site. She sent me a login and password and everything looked fine. I copied the first post, formatted it for bolds and headers, entered the SEO informati...

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