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The Animal Rescue Site didn't waste much time between contests this time! A new one is underway, and we all have the opportunity to vote once a day for our favorite animal rescue organization. If we have favorites in different states, we can alternate our votes between them. Last time around my v...
F irst - I am no longer a real estate sales person - but because I write for active professionals and write about real estate a lot, I do get questions from consumers as well as from real estate agents wondering how to build their businesses. Today I got the following: The subject line said "Abou...
I’ve been reading about foreign investment in real estate and seeing that the trend has shifted from commercial real estate to residential real estate. That means you could very well have foreign buyers browsing the listings on your website. Their primary areas of interest are Florida, Southern ...
We hear people talk a lot about fear of failure and even fear of success. But after listening to some people talk today I think maybe the one that holds people back the most is fear of disappointment. Maybe that's tied to fear of failure, but I think it's something bigger - and sadder. If you stu...
Which school of thought do you belong to when it comes to bios? The one that says it should be purely professional / statistical - or the one that says it should give your website visitors a glimpse of who you are? I know some other copywriters disagree with me, but I'm on the side that says it s...
I've been reading the Daily Drop, as I do every day. However, one post with an interesting title comes up with the following message:  Now I'm really bugged. Why was that post removed? Was it too controversial? Did it contain bad language? Was it defamatory?If it was so bad, how did it get into t...
This afternoon I'm doing research for a couple of real estate related articles... and it is frustrating! You know how it is - you type in some keywords and Google gives you sites that may or may not be related to what you're looking for. Or maybe they are, but it's buried so far in the site that ...
Seller financing is something I've thought a lot about lately. I've been working on an information e-book for a client with a website about it, so I've been remembering my first years in real estate. You don't hear a lot of people talking about it any more, but when I first started in real estate...
Last night I was cleaning old papers out of my desk and came across an interesting print-out.       It was a September 30, 1999 article from the New York Times, explaining that Fannie Mae was easing credit to aid mortgage lending. The article cites pressure from the Clinton administration as one ...
When Reading Jim Braun's post entitled Yes They Will Put a Hold on that Check, I was reminded of a similar problem with cash. When a buyer comes into a purchase with a wad of cash as down payment funds, or if that buyer deposits a large sum of cash into his or her bank account just prior to closi...

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