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Once again, I've reached into my file box to find a favorite client - and today it's Jody Keating, owner / broker of Connective Realty. I met Jody because she posted a need for a real estate writer. I missed the post, but Len Harley saw it and suggested she contact me. Pretty cool, since Len and ...
Virginia has provided some valuable information here - including links to learn more about the information "the world" knows about both you and your home. It appears that every buyer should request a CLUE report before closing on a purchase. Kind of scary that we have no privacy left in America.I...
Do you ever think about the emotional effect your words carry? Some are obvious - like love, hate, anger, etc. But some are not so obvious. Sometimes words that seem to convey your meaning actually cause an emotional effect on others that you don't intend or want. For instance, consider the word ...
At risk of being accused of spouting psycho-babble or being a Polyanna, I have to say what I've seen over and over to be true... It doesn't matter what the economy is doing or what others around you are doing. We each control out own outcome. It's the Law of Attraction in action. You can’t contro...
 Because so many real estate agents set their listings to expire on December 31, right now is prime time to go after expired listings. But what should you say? That seems to be a question that is uppermost on many agents’ minds right now. But first let's talk about what you should NOT say. You sh...
Chris is so absolutely right on target with this message! One of the first things we learn as copywriters is that people buy with their emotions and justify their decisions with logic. Feelings are everything. Using questions such as those Chris suggests will help you tap into the emotions and se...
If I had ever seen balloon decor, I hadn't paid attention until last winter. That's when I spent some time working with Steve Paynter of Balloons by Design, in Madison, Wisconsin. We see balloons used at grand openings, marking the way to yard sales and receptions, and falling from the ceiling du...
Before Christmas, when everyone was talking about writing localism posts, I kept thinking about what I could do that was similar. Since I'm not a real estate agent, and none of my clients come from the town where I live, actual localism posts didn't seem like the way to go. So... I decided to sta...
One of the tasks for the new year is always to clean the file folders out of the drawer, put them in the "tax prep spot" and make room for new folders. Today I got a bit side-tracked from that task when I came across two manila envelopes filled with scrapbook type mementos. One of those clippings...
Here’s a question new real estate agents struggle with, especially if they’ve gotten it wrong once or twice. So… I’m giving my opinion, but since you’re still out there every day and I’m not, yours is more important. My request is that you seasoned agents chime in with your opinions and experienc...

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