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Back when I was an owner/broker I handled the Fannie Mae houses in our area. It didn't matter how detailed my market analysis - some of their reps ALWAYS listed $10,000 higher than my recommendation. Remember this is the days when houses were all under $100,000, One doublewide mobile stands out i...
Just think back to this post and realize what exaulted company you're in. Last night I was curled up with a book by a well-known author: Mario Puzo. You remember him, he wrote The Godfather. I was happily reading along when all of a sudden my brain said "What? What did that just say??" Here was t...
Some people do. In fact, my best friend is one of them. Every time she calls me for help with copywriting, she apologizes for needing help. She, like many others, seems to think that since she's an intelligent person, she should be able to write great copy. Why? She happens to be brilliant at acc...
When you're writing real estate marketing copy it’s easy to get "stuck" on that subject line or opening sentence.  You know what you want to say, but getting started is the tough part. My usual advice is to just start writing somewhere in the middle. By the time you have all your thoughts on pape...
If you use Bach Flower Essences, you'll love this promotion from one of my favorite clients: Feel Bach! To introduce the new Facebook page, Feel Bach! is giving away free bottles of the 14 natural remedies (blends for specific purposes) to the first 1,000 visitors to "like" the site. Personally, ...
J. Phillip Faranda points out the similarity between homeowners going FSBO and real estate agents building their own websites... Do you really save money by using hours and hours of your time building a website? Or would you be better off hiring someone and using that time with clients - or relax...
Could your real estate website suddenly disappear? If it did, could you quickly re-create it?  Unless you have control over your site and your domain name – AND have back up files in your own computer, you could wake up one day to find you have no website, and no way to recreate it without starti...
Gita brings us an important safety precaution - it's too bad that we need so many of those. Even without the GPS to lead thieves to your door, they can use your vehicle registration to get your address. Do you suppose people should now start carrying their registration with them, along with the g...
Have you ever visited a real estate website and known for certain that the content was there just for SEO purposes? I see a lot of them - the articles are nothing but fluff - but they have keywords! A better idea is to enrich your site with information that gives value to your buyers and sellers....
Lola offers important advice to home buyers with this post. If you aren't going to be loyal to one agent, no agent is going to make an extra effort to let you know when a new listing hits the market. It's the same mistake home sellers make when they want an "Open listing." If every agent in town ...

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