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Sometimes one of the most difficult tasks I have in writing real estate agent bios is getting the agent to tell me what makes him or her stand out from the competition. Agents sometimes say "But I'm not different. I do what every other agent does." So - we talk. I ask questions and get a good sen...
This morning's mail brought an article about two new cohousing projects in the planning stages in Alaska. Apparently there are already about 120 such communities across the U.S. and proponents see them as a way to bring back old-fashioned small-town neighborliness. I don't know... I appreciate so...
Stephen makes a very good point: "Signing up for a real estate career means sort of making your life more available than most." That is so true. If you plan to be successful, you have to accept real estate as a way of life, not just a job. And, if you want to be both happy and successful, your fa...
According to a report in Money News, Yale economics professor Robert Shiller predicts that housing may not rebound "in our lifetime." The report went on to cast gloom and doom about prices being flat or falling in the 20 metropolitan areas they track. They also cite low "seasonally adjusted" numb...
Working a jigsaw puzzle and writing an agent bio each require a similar process. Both begin with laying out the pieces.  When you start a jigsaw puzzle, you lay out all the pieces, then begin looking for the edges. Once those are found and connected, you start grouping other pieces together, ceat...
Anyone have a magic lamp they could lend me? I'd like to have a Genie appear and grant me 3 Active Rain wishes. 1. I wish we could change fonts, sizes, colors, etc. without having to use some other program, then cut and paste. 2. I wish we could comment back directly to other commenters. I know, ...
I had to share this because it made me laugh out loud. I can't at the moment think of a way to apply the the toothpaste salesman's solution to either real estate or copywriting, but there IS a serioius message here... All too often, real estate agents AND people in other professions fail to execu...
A couple of weeks ago I attended our library's monthly book sale. This was a good one - all you can stuff into a grocery bag for $2. I brought home more than 40 books for a mere $4. Usually I read mystery novels, but this time I noticed a brand-new looking book entitled "Selling the Invisible." T...
Is it any wonder that "article spinners" make such a mess of things?  When you look at the words we use that have the same spelling but completely different meanings or pronunciations, it only makes sense.   Take these,for example:   We can produce a fantastic meal using fresh produce. A bandage ...
I'm a great admirer of dogs and all the ways that they contribute to the world. This video doesn't show them saving lives, but shows how incredibly smart they are, and how they can be taught. I'm also a bit in awe of the trainers - and wish I had that kind of talent and patience. Check out this v...


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