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Choosing the right real estate copywriter isn't much different from choosing the right real estate agent. Here's what to look for: 1. Knowledge of the subject. Your real estate clients want you to know something about their neighborhood, their market, and even their particular buying or selling s...
Did you know - Toyota is using a Facebook promotion to give away 100 cars to deserving non-profits. It's a 100-day promotion and each non-profit has only one day to compete. Today, May 29, is the day for Operation Blankets of Love - a non-profit organization that collects and delivers blankets, t...
Because so many treat Memorial Day as just an excuse to have a day off, I've been feeling concerned that we as a nation might be forgetting that freedom isn't free - and that we owe all of our freedoms to those who have fought - first to win freedom and then to preserve it. Tonight I'm feeling be...
When I was an agent I dreaded listing homes for people in the midst of a divorce. If you've had those listings, you know. The parties can disagree over everything from the price to the small details. And all too often, instead of talking about the listing or the transaction in progress they want ...
Yes, this is the land of the free because of the brave. Without our soldiers, we would not have the right to goof-off this week-end and we would not have the right to speak out in disagreement with our political leaders. In fact, we would have no rights at all if brave men and women hadn't fought...
By Wednesday this week, people were ending their emails with "Have a great week-end," and by Thursday evening, a whole lot of them had disappeared. Today, my email is even short on advertising. People and businesses I've tried to contact the past couple of days have not responded. They're gone. I...
Thank goodness our local newspapers haven't stopped printing news tidbits from the past. Today's Bonner County Daily Bee brought a tale of escape from the County Jail - 100 years ago. It seems that 3 prisoners waited until the sheriff and the turnkey had gone home for dinner, then went out throug...
Lee Ann makes a valid point to home sellers with her statement that: "It's not your home any more; it’s a product you are selling." If Homeowners thought about that and if they put themselves in the buyer's shoes for a few minutes, they'd agree that some repairs really are necessary. But there's ...
When writing to my real estate copywriting clients, I always nag about checking and double-checking the links on their websites and in their emails. But I have to admit, once in a while I get sidetracked and forget. I'm sure glad I didn't forget today! Seeing that my Active Rain real estate copyw...
The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 expires on December 31.  Of course it could be extended, and I've read that such an extension is included in the administration's FYI 2013 budget proposal. But will that happen? No one knows. Heck, we don't even know if a budget will be passed.  In...

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