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When an "immovable" holiday falls on Wednesday, which week-end is the holiday week-end? As we're already seeing, both are! And not only that, some people take off before the week-end even arrives. Debbie Gartner mentioned that yesterday in her post about how sometimes things simply go downhill. T...
As all avid fisher-people know, sometimes you come home with more fish than you can use immediately. Freezing them is a good option, but they freezer burn quickly unless you freeze them in water - or seal them in a bag from which you've removed all the air. That's why everyone in our family uses ...
Mike Cooper points out an important distinction between the different kinds of blog posts agents write: Posts for colleagues and posts geared especially toward attracting buyers and sellers. He reminds agents to write those hyper-local posts and market reports because they attract new clients - e...
How do you feel when you can see that someone is trying to impress you? It depends on the way they go about it, right? We all try to impress others in some way. For most of us it simply means being friendly and "real." It means "putting our best foot forward." It also means dressing appropriately...
The Problem: A couple of weeks ago I wrote about getting a new wireless keyboard - and how frustrated I was. My "lazy fingers" keep touching the wrong things and I get ugly noises and pop-ups that stop me in my tracks. Some of them offer to turn something into a link. Others ask what I want to in...
Sometimes, even large companies with huge PR staffs make big marketing mistakes.   This morning an article on iMEDIA outlined the stories of 3 companies that failed at using QR codes. The reasons why they failed boil down to ignoring 3 vital marketing practices. 1. Make it easy for your prospects...
...or if you thought perhaps the bail outs were justified, you need to read this article and  see this video. Former Georgia Governor Roy Barnes is my new hero - a man who was willing to sacrifice his political career to do what was right for the state of Georgia. Unfortunately, the lenders had e...
Cost to commute vs. cost of buying a home "close in." Liz and Bill did the hard work of figuring this out. Their handy chart also shows the difference in cost when you drive a gas guzzler as opposed to a car that gets many miles per gallon. Great work Liz and Bill! How Much Is It Going To Cost Me...
Last Friday I played hooky. My son and I went to Spokane for a day of shopping, which of course included going out to lunch.  Our waiter was a little tiny Asian man. They appeared to be short-handed for the lunch rush, so he was scurrying around trying to take care of too many tables at the same ...
Another question agents ask is "Do you ghostwrite blog posts?" The answer is "Of course." But whether or not I should ghostwrite blog posts sparks a little controversy for some. In fact, some agents believe it's "dishonest." They think the only words on their blogs should be words they wrote. I d...

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