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There's one real estate niche I haven't seen mentioned on any of the Active Rain posts I read. Of course I know somebody is working it, because somebody prompted me to write a prospecting letter set and once in a while someone else purchases that set, but it doesn't have the popularity of some of...
Jon's celebration of his 21 years in America should be a reminder to all of us who take our lives here for granted. It should especially be a wake-up call to those who don't appreciate America - who scorn her and try to bring her down.Too bad those people will never read it or think about it. Tho...
Late this morning, as I sat working at my computer, the phone rang. It was my neighbor. Now that always scares me a little - when he calls,my first thought is "What's wrong?" He drives his 4-wheeler down here every evening to chat, so isn't in the habit of telephoning unless he needs help - right...
Bill Fields presents a comprehensive list of 10 activities that when followed, will lead to success in becoming a top listing agent. Item #1 is real food for thought. I'm still pondering that one. Meanwhile, I like the overall theme: Focus. Quit worrying about fringe things, and focus on the acti...
Obama probably didn't intend to stir up such a hornet's nest with that speech. Fortunately, he did, because the unintended consequences are good.  Those consequences are thought and discussion.  We're thinking about and talking about what makes one person successful while another fails. We're thi...
This strange thing is happening again today - can anyone here tell me why? Every once in a while - with no pattern as to when - my computer starts up with a sound like a doorbell: a series of 4 musical tones. Sometimes the 4 beats repeat 3 or 4 times, sometimes only once. I can't see a connection...
Along with every other small business person who has worked long hours, borrowed money, worried over meeting a payroll or paying bills to suppliers, and gone without personal indulgences to push a business to success, I'm outraged by Mr. Obama's statement that we owe our success to the government...
Here's yet another good reason to short sell - and to use a knowledgeable agent. Sellers need someone who can not only negotiate well, but get the signatures to prove that they aren't going to be held liable down the line.  How's that for a catchy Title? What in the world does it mean? Suprise, s...
A few minutes ago I got this email: Acct Id:   The download link and activation code associated with this account is now active and can be accessed here:     WARNING: download link may expire without notice (Please DO NOT share this with anyone)   Let's Work Together!     -...
Today I came across a blog called "Jay's Free Enterprise Blog." I guess I know who Jay is, although his name isn't on the blog... The story he told about a true "One percenter" was so good, I can't not share it. So take a minute, follow this link, and I'll bet you'll agree with Jay and me - we ne...


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