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In yesterday's post I asked if you're selling your community or your homes/land within the community. Another question, of course, is whether you're selling the community or your own services. But that's for another day. Among the things I write for my clients are community pages. I might be writ...
Are you selling your community or the homes and land within the community? My feeling is that for the most part, people make up their minds where they want to live, then choose a home or land in that area. When I was an agent I did show homes to two or three couples who were traveling and scoping...
As the wife of a retired custom home builder, I have seen far too many people end up sorry that they took the low bid. The difference in both materials and workmanship is usually what makes the difference in price. Also, there can be differences in what is or isn't included in the contract. "You ...
Is there another SEO expert as generous as Tammy Emineth? If so, I have yet to meet them. Once again, Tammy brings us advice - this time to help us avoid making mistakes that will hurt our rankings. Thank you Tammy!Don't make these vital mistakes when optimizing your Website or Blog 1. Using your...
Are they getting thicker - or are the scammers simply getting bolder? Last week I received a notice that UPS was going to deliver a package - and telling me to click to see when to expect it. I almost bit on that one, because a few weeks ago I placed an order with "Cooking and Canning Company" an...
Do you remember Perry Mason? Raymond Burr played the handsome attorney who almost always got a courtroom confession from the real murderer while defending his client. My Mom and I watched so many episodes of that show that I felt like I knew Perry, his secretary Della Street, and private investig...
These scams must work or they'd quit mailing them. This one is especially disgusting because it casts aspersions on our military men and women.  There are times when you get an email that just flat out makes you angry.  I realize it's a scam and would never fall for this.  However almost daily we...
Going forward from yesterday's post about misused words in marketing materials, here are a few more bloopers that have recently been spotted both online and in other print media.   taken for granite  (Perhaps this was a stony-faced person?) the perspective buyer (Might be a good thing - putting a...
 ... doesn't mean the written word will carry the same meaning. The wrong word used in a written sentence can throw the whole message off track. The reader stops, reads it again, and determines what was meant by what was written. By then, the "flow" is gone. And while some readers will be forgivi...
Looking back... Today, after reading Tammy's informative post about using old blog posts, I took a look back in time. I learned that my first two posts were on January 7, 2008. That's strange, it feels like I wrote those very recently. Interestingly, while so many things have been changing in rea...

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