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Have you ever been home alone for the day and wished someone would come to visit? Here's a sure fire way to make it happen, just as it happened to me today: First, my son and grand-daugher are coming for the week-end - arriving this evening. Since I don't know for sure what time, I decided to mak...
Have you been to visit the Q&A at Active Rain? I hadn't until today, and I'm startled by the questions.  Some of them indicate that the person asking has not talked with an agent. They're there just waiting for you to get in touch and help them. Others indicate that they'd welcome a call from a l...
Everyone here at Active Rain knows that a real estate agent needs his or her own website. A bio on the company site is nice, but unless there are only 2 or 3 agents in the company, it's not going to get you much business.  You need your own site in order to gather your own leads. From your home p...
New real estate agents who have had good advice know that they need a website - and they know that the website needs an agent bio. They also know that since they're just starting in the business they can't talk about experience and expertise. So they worry that there's nothing to say that will he...
Found in the local real estate flyer this week: A very nice office building for sale - with very lame photos and descriptions. I think perhaps this needs a re-write: "Vaulted well lite ceilings in both office spaces with wood tongue and groove covering." They didn't really need that description b...
Marketing has a truism that many have tried to dispute, but it can't be done. That truism is that "People buy from emotion and justify the purchase from logic." And of course, it applies to more than just buying a product. It also applies to things like giving to a charity and choosing a service ...
Jack offers some valuable insight into the difference between Internet leads and leads that come from a sign call or a referral. Fortunately for him, he was able to salvage the leads, and he's learned how to train his team to work with these leads properly. The next time he spends big bucks on In...
This evening's email brought an interesting post about words we should have in our English language, but don't. However, other languages do have them. Pilkunnussija is one of those words.   If you are a Pilkunnussija you believe you have to stamp out all spelling and punctuation mistakes at the c...
A few minutes ago my mailbox delivered a connection request. I'm always a little bit pleased when that happens, but also a little bit leery. What if I said yes to a connection with someone whose line of business would cast a suspicious light on my own business? You know, like some of those phony ...
It's summertime for pity sake! People all around me are whining and complaining because "It's too hot." And it has been hot - outside. 80's and 90's for about 6 weeks now, with only one little break for a day of rain a while back. But, my office is in the basement. And my windows and doors are be...

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