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First, I should explain that I'm not a cook. Only a reluctant cook. I do it almost every day because it's too far to want to drive to town for dinner, there's no such thing as home delivery here, and I can't talk my husband into cooking more than once or twice a month. I think it should be the op...
If you use Facebook or other social media - or if your children do - please watch the video that Carla shares with us below. It will open your eyes to the danger of sharing your private life with your "friends" online. Please don't make the mistake of thinking that anything is "private" once you ...
  Quite often, when I write a post like this one about "me, myself, and I," someone tells me that I should quit being so picky. The words don't make such a big difference, nor does the spelling, as long as the reader can understand what the writer meant. And in some cases, writing to some audienc...
Today's email brought an invitation to a free webimar. I'm pretty sure it was about financing, but that's not the subject of this rant. The fact is, the errors made me stop and look at the words instead of the message. It began: "Join myself and my (name of partner) as we enjoy a webinar …" Ugh. ...
Bob really does offer up some food for thought with this post. After reading this story, I thought of times when I turned into a carrot. Those weren't times I care to rehash. Other times I became an egg, and I suppose in light of some topics, I remain an egg. But the times I enjoy remembering wer...
Sheila presents a comprehensive list of reasons why your website isn't bringing you leads - all tied to the call to action. So often marketers (and fundraisers) believe that just putting good informtion out there will cause people to respond. Unfortunately, that's not usually true. Instead, you n...
This is the first time I've re-blogged a post that's nearly 10 months old, but in re-reading it tonight I noticed something that I apparently didn't notice the first time around - an answer to a question I've had. The anwer is in the comments - and since that discussion is so good, I do suggest y...
Rescued dogs often rescue people - and this program is evidence that they can even rescue people who have been gravely wounded. We can all help bring recognition to this very worthy cause by simply following the link that Anja has provided and voting for Mary Cortani and her very worthy nonprofit...
Researching for clients often turns up interesting information that I wasn't precisely looking for. And that's what happened today. For years we've been talking about the importance of marketing online, because the majority of buyers search the web before they do anything else. The statistics I f...
Jeff Gray brings us some valuable information on using tags for organization here on Active Rain. I've already started and have bookmarked this for reference in case I forget what he said - but it really is easy if you follow his steps. I was shocked to see how many different tags I've used, so h...

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