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Why do things that worked - stop working? For a long time I've had that little green and white image in my toobar - the "Share This" link. It used to work. Now all that happens if I click it is that the page goes dark. What happened to it? Last night my son called wondering why all of a sudden he...
Why you can sell in person, but your marketing copy fails: Blame your English teacher. You may be writing under the  mistaken belief that a marketing letter needs to sound formal. Your high school English teacher might approve, but prospective clients aren't impressed. Face it, formal writing is ...
When you get face to face with sellers, you can get the listing. When you have a buyer, you're able to establish an instant rapport and guide them smoothly through finding and buying the perfect home. But … when you try to write a prospecting letter, your efforts fizzle and your results are disma...
Do you read the copy on your own website? Unless YOU posted it and reviewed it carefully after it was live, you really should take time to read it. This week I've been doing "rehab" work on a real estate website. It's obvious from the tone that several different writers have contributed to it - a...
Not too long ago I wrote about how after 6 months of frustration, one more call to Wild Blue solved my problem of not being able to view my own domains on my own computer. That time, I was connected with a woman who listened, understood what I was saying, and knew how to solve it immediately. Tod...
Do Minorities rule in America?   Unfortunately, the answer is yes, minorities DO rule in America – for one simple reason. The minorities make a LOT of noise. They gather their friends for rallies, they stage protests, and they make phone calls, write letters and send emails. But we in the "Silent...
If you've been struggling to figure out which keywords to list on your blog posts and web pages, you can stop now. Tammy says Google doesn't care, and if she says so, I believe it. If you want to stay up to date with informative news about SEO, do visit Tammy's site and subscribe. She's one SEO e...
The government just keeps on with it's "share the wealth" programs... This time it's an extension of the 2% break in Social Security payments - funded by a new 1/2 point Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac loan guarantee fee. According to my sources, this will result in a one-fourth to one-half percent rate...
Today I was working on an article for one of my clients and I wrote: I'll be happy to give you a list of mortgage lenders here in (city) who have served my clients well in the past. And Word objected.  Now, we copywriters always try to avoid that pasive/past tense, but sometimes it's necessary. I...
Thanks to Joan for alerting us on this - I sure hadn't heard about it! Guess it's time to go stock up on some of those "Forever Stamps." For me it's not such a big deal, but if you're sending out a lot of prospecting letters, buying at least a few months' worth of forever stamps is just a small w...


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