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What do you think about the LinkedIn "Endorsements?"   Lately LinkedIn has been offering us the opportunity to "endorse" people we are connected with. They're doing it in much the same manner as they offer connections to "people you may know."   I have mixed feelings about both practices.   "Conn...
One of the basic rules in writing self-promotional marketing copy is this: Remember that it's not about you. When you want to promote your services, it's easy to mistakenly think that your message should be about you. But effective self-promotion is never about you. It's always about your prospec...
A friend sent this today and I thought it was fun, so... I'm sharing. We talk a lot about typos, misused and  misspelled words - and how they can set up stop signs in our marketing messages. Maybe if we just wrote the whole message in "wierd" people would not only read it, but remember it. Someth...
Last week I wrote about an infographic that gave advice on the best time to send email marketing messages. I said that I usually send my marketing ezine at 9:30 on Thursday, but last week I would switch to 3:00 and see if there was a big difference in open rates. In case you missed it, and the li...
Jon Zolsky, Realtor and Russian immigrant, gives a very moving account on the "Smell of Socialism." If only all who wish the government would do more to protect us and give us hand-outs could read his words - they'd think twice about our current spiral into Socialism. Jon has a thriving real esta...
According to my thesaurus, "edgy" means "nervous, on edge, uptight, anxious, restless, and ill at ease." But that's not how the word is often used in contemporary conversation, in blogs, and in marketing. I've seen all sorts of things referred to as "edgy." Cars, clothing, decor, literature, and ...
This morning Copy Blogger shared an infographic that made my head spin. This timeline of social networking starts in 1971 with the first email, goes on to 1980 when Usenet created an online bulletin board, and takes us to the first personal blog in 1994, to Twitter in 2006, and on through today, ...
A "breaking news" story on TV this afternoon:     According to the news, today is the anniversary of the "Strengthening of America's Thumbs." It was on this day in 1985 that Nintendo introduced its game system. Life has never been the same. Hmmm... do you suppose it's also the anniversary of the ...
Today's feed from Trulia featured an article entitled 5 Revelations of a First-Time Home Seller. The more I thought about it, the more I decided that with the exception of builders and home flippers, everyone becomes a first time home seller when they list their home. Everyone feels like their ho...
Do you regularly mail to a list?  If so, you have people who unsubscribe. Everyone does. And almost everyone (including me) either does nothing at all or lets the autoresponder reply with "You have been unsubscribed."  An article came to my attention today that points out how silly that is. We're...

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