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Wouldn't the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth be a refreshing change? The only thing better would be if we could do a re-wind and go back and say NO to the government and bank policies that caused the entire mortgage crisis. Right now, the big worry is the pending expiration of t...
If I could have my wish, programs wouldn't become obsolete. New programs and old programs would work together in harmony, and this annoying problem wouldn't exist. I don't get my wish. This week I was reminded of the importance of saving Word files in the old format rather than the new. Because a...
Whew! I'm worn out tonight. A good friend and I decided that since it hasn't yet started to snow, but the forecast says that might happen soon, we should go make a big dent in our Christmas shopping. It's more than an hour's drive to the stores, and not much fun when you're worried about making i...
The small town of Priest River, Idaho actually has two "Christmas Events," but one of them is long past. That was the Annual Craft Fair, held early in November. The second event is "Christmas on Main Street." This is always held on a Monday evening - this time on December 3rd from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m...
It must be those holiday leftovers ... This morning I've gotten notice of a comment from yesterday morning, and then started getting 2, 3, and 4 emails telling me about the same comments today. That's a heck of deal for the "techie guys" to come back from a holiday week-end and have to dive right...
This week has me disoriented - it's as if we've had 2 Sundays too close together. That's because my son usually comes for dinner and stays the night on Saturday. Then if the weather is decent, he and his Dad go fishing in the wee hours Sunday morning, then come home for "Sunday breakfast." This w...
OK, so I'm being picky again. Several times lately I've seen a silly error in blog posts and emails. It's one that makes the writer look like perhaps he or she lost the train of thought, or maybe did a re-write and forgot to remove something. What is it? I call it "Too much also." It goes somethi...
The content of this post was originally published in November of 2012 - and I had forgotten all about it until today.Today, I got an email telling me there was a new comment from MaryBeth Mills Muldowney, so I re-read the post and the comments. At that time, Brian Rugg told me to re-post it month...
Are there any stores out there that aren't starting their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales today? From the looks of my email, very few. It's been a steady stream all day - and not just the online stores. I keep being reminded to rush on over to WalMart tonight, too. I don't know. Perhaps if I ...
11/22/2012 was a prayer. It was a prayer of thanks for favors already bestowed and a prayer for the future of our Country. While the entire document is worth reading, these lines jumped out at me as a prayer which we would do well to repeat today: " ... to render our national government a blessing to ...

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