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Why do people try to sell FSBO? Some think going the FSBO route will save them money - and that it will be easy. Some have had a bad experience with an agent and figure they can't do worse. Some have had a bad experience with an agent and thus have a negative attitude about agents. You, as a prof...
How Much Should You Spend Staying in Touch With Past Clients and Your Sphere of Influence? By now we all know that these people are important. But HOW important? Are they important enough to spend money mailing them cards or small gifts, or only important enough to be on your email list? To deci...
Today a good number of people are winding down, getting ready to celebrate Christmas with (at least) one day away from work. This afternoon, office parties will be more the norm than the exception, and then workers will rush home to be with family and friends. But not everyone is resting. Plenty ...
Your turn to help resolve the question. (Note - I've edited this to eliminate the storm I created when I mentioned single women tenants. Whether they're better or worse than single men or couples wasn't the point of my question.) Yesterday my son and I were discussing his tenants and got into a f...
Shannon shares an important "Ten Commandments" for home buyers. More than once I've seen a buyer break one of these commandments - only to find that no, they're NOT buying a home right now. I think perhaps agents should require their buyers to memorize the list and pass a test... :)  As a Realtor...
Newbies to a real estate career should all read Charita Cadenhead's excellent rundown on the value of becoming active on Active Rain. Because I'm a copywriter and work in solitude most of the time, I'll add one more benefit: Making friends and interacting with other people. Active rain is not jus...
Were you selling real estate in 1991? I was, and today I came across an old page from a journal I kept that year. It lists the transactions and how much commission I was paid for each. Selling homes both in town and on country acres, cabins, vacant lots, and mountain acreages, I averaged $745.94 ...
We all have pet peeves - things that other people do or say that always annoy. One of mine is a phrase. I'm thinking about it because I just read it in the local newspaper again this morning. So many people say it that I'm sure I must be the only one in the universe who objects. It is: I would li...
This bout of website housekeeping was prompted by an unusual happening - Multiple sales of an e-book I wrote several years ago and haven't been promoting at all. The book, The Land Buyer's Guidebook, is one I wrote after I left real estate sales and so was able to talk about some of the dirty tri...
Here's another pair that even some scholars can't keep straight: Past vs. Passed. Perhaps that's why we see the words confused so often here on Active Rain. And this one is easy if you remember this simple rule: "Passed" is ONLY used as the past tense of the verb "pass." For everything else, use ...

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