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Not long ago I wrote about a friend who had asked me for marketing advice for her convenience store. I came up with a plan for her to promote it for very little money, wrote it all out and gave it to her. She said "Thanks, I'll think about it" and that's as far as it got. A couple of months later...
Paraskevidekatriaphobics - Are you among the 21 million Americans (8% of the population) who suffer from it? If so, what did you do today? Paraskevidekatriaphobicsis the morbid, irrational fear  of Friday the 13th. And according to Urban Legends on, it's the most widespread superstition...
Proper Grammar isn't THAT critical in marketing copy, but... Readability is. By now you know that following instructions from your high school English teacher will cause you to write dry, dull, uninspiring copy. Being "too proper" just makes your words sound stiff. At the same time, being too cas...
Copywriting has all sorts of rules and tricks to make marketing messages more effective. Lately I've written about getting rid of the excess of "I's" and in the past I've talked about formatting to make your messages friendlier and easier to read. Those are a couple of the "rules." Here's one of ...
Google just keeps changing the way they do things, and I'm not so sure I like it. In fact I'm sure I don't. For one thing, my searches STILL bring me to link farms. I thought the updates were supposed to do away with that and take me straight to the information I wanted. Not so. But that's not th...
Do you know the other business people who serve your customers? If not, why not? I don't mean just the mortgage lenders, title officers, and others who help facilitate your transactions. I mean the people who own and operate other businesses that serve the consumers in your territory. Think haird...
Those darned "I's" just keep popping up where they don't belong! A few days ago I wrote about the over-use of "I's" in agent bios. Yes, the bio is "about you" but when 27 sentences out of 30 begin with the word "I" it makes for some "turn-off" reading for site visitors. Nobody wants an overdose o...
Trust - That's a tough one in today's world, where we've learned that we'd better not trust our politicians - and definitely not the banks. So who do we trust? Friends, family, colleagues? It all depends on who - and for what reason. For instance, I trust my son to always care for his niece and t...
Only time will tell... After reading that Amazon sells one million Kindle books per week - and that Google favors books sold on Amazon over books sold on individual's websites, I decided to put two of my little e-books on Kindle just to see what would happen. Being a defintely non-techie sort, I ...
Why so many boring real estate ads?   Many of them are just a list of dry features. There's nothing there to inspire and create a desire to see the home.   That might happen because the real estate agent writing the ads wasn't inspired by the house. He or she didn't see anything "special" to use ...

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