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Maria's post is a good one to pass along to new agents - who might not have enough experience to answer the question when sellers ask. A confident "You should plan on 2 hours" sounds nicely professional. How long will a showing last? Sellers want to know how long showings last when their home is ...
Mimi Foster not only came up with a clever reason to contact her base in a non-pushy manner - she shared some information that I'm sure few of us had considered.  The recent increase by the Post Office is a great opportunity for you to stay in front of your clients. Has it been a while since you ...
Although the  ActiveRain and WebsiteBox Contest: I Wish My Website Did This....... is a contest for agents, Chad Bhalla graciously consented to allow me to join in as well.  I wanted to add my three cents' worth because I often see the issue through the eyes of agents who are new to website owner...
  Can your prospects read that document you just sent? Several years ago I had a client who liked to write her weekly newsletter, then send it to me to "clean up"  and upload to her autoresponder. All was going well until she got a new computer… and that new computer automatically saved her Word ...
Comments on yesterday's post about Drip Marketing Campaigns that Backfire brought up a good question: How much is too much? Obviously, the agent who sent me ten messages in one day was overdoing it, espescially since he followed that with 2-4 messages per day for the next couple of weeks. Of cour...
Drip marketing is an effective way to maintain top of mind awareness with your future clients, but if you do it wrong, the awareness they'll have is not what you want. On a real estate website people generally get on your list via one of four methods: They say yes to a special report They do a se...
Technology is a wonderful thing, but it needs to be tempered with a bit of common sense... This excerpt from my friend Mike Clover's weekly mortgage newsletter is a prime example: Most weeks this section of the newsletter includes a story about a bonehead criminal: Too stupid to be criminal.So al...
The past few years have seen a whole lot of unintended consequences. The real estate industry is a prime example. And there's no doubt that there's more of that to come as regulations stemming from the Dodd-Frank Act come into effect. But this unintended consequence has little to do with your car...
For starters, I know some people disagree - and they will never put a photo on their real estate business card. The reason given is that it's not "professional." Doctors and lawyers don't put their photos on their cards, so why should a real estate professional? I believe you need a photo on your...
Putting your email real estate prospecting / marketing on autopilot is easy. All you have to do is get your letters set up in an autoresponder and you're set to go. If you're using a capture form on your website, you don't even have to enter the addresses yourself. But what about postal prospecti...

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