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Did you grow up with Easter Eggs hidden in the yard on Easter Morning? I did, and my children did. I'll never forget the morning that I hid the eggs well before the boys were awake, then looked out to see a dog finding them, throwing them in the air, then gobbling them up when she caught them. My...
Do you ever have a week when it seems like you can't do anything right? Or perhaps when strange things keep going wrong? That was my week. Early this week I wrote about trying to set up a new website in Wordpress - and how I spent hours trying to find answers to some simple questions. One of my c...
You stage the house - how about the neighborhood? Today's Spokesman Review carried a humorous column with what the writer said was a revolutionary new idea for real estate agents... It was a bit of nonsense, so I decided to share. He said that last night as he bicycled home from work he noticed a...
Yesterday afternoon my phone rang when I was busy putting wood in the stove, so I didn't get there until the answering machine had kicked in. I recognized the number as a friend's cell phone, so called right back and got an answering machine. Because she has no cell service at home, she only uses...
Every year about this time I try to think of something I could do that would be an April Fools' Day joke. Every year the day goes by and I don't do it. Maybe because I'm lacking a "Poker Face" and know I could never pull it off. Anyone who knows me would know I was "untruthing." I could do it in ...
Do they even READ those posts? Today Charita Cadenhead wrote a post about how we comment on Newbie Posts. She was recommending that we leave a thoughtful comment that relates to their post rather than just saying "Welcome."  I agree, although some of those posts don't say anything except "I'm new...
A couple of people have asked to be affiliates for my Real Estate Prospecting Letters, and after some thought, I decided it was a good idea. These folks also serve the real estate industry, but in a different manner. Once that was decided, the next question was how to make it happen. After reject...
This word usage error doesn't come up very often, but when it does, it's a real sentence stopper. I've seen it on AR posts, on websites, on yard sale signs, and even in the window of a store once. Here it is: HUGE - meaning very, very large, spelled HUGH, which is a man's name. Remember Hugh Heff...
  Here in this small North Idaho town, homes don't sell in 3 days like they do in some parts of the country. In fact, selling in 3 months would be doing pretty darned well. But why advertise the fact that the home has been for sale all winter? In spite of that, it probably isn't a great idea to ...
Have you ever read something that "should" be good and informative, but you just couldn't keep your mind on it? You can probably blame passive voice. If you're like me you probably forgot all those grammar terms from High School. After all, you don't exactly go around discussing "voice" or "tense...

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