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Writing real estate ads?  Empty adjectives do nothing but take up space. You've read hundreds of real estate ads filled with empty adjectives. You may have written some of them yourself when you couldn't think of something better to say. Since your goal should be to paint a word picture that enti...
Real Estate Marketing - Small Words Can Make a Big Difference, even when they're missing. Earlier this week I was reading an agent's bio when I came across this: "Always active in the community, she is involved with the local animal rescue, the food bank, and the Vice President of the Chamber of ...
A friend sent this along tonight and I just had to share. Memory lapses - and unexplained memory recall. All these years I've thought it very strange that I could forget why I went into another room - but could remember if I went back to where I was when I decided to go do ... whatever it was. He...
Real estate self-promotion - How's your message machine voice? Real estate clients today can get acquainted with you before you have any personal contact. They read your agent bio, they look at your website to see how you present your listings, they read your blog and get a sense of your personal...
If you're going to save news clippings, date them! Back when I had a real estate office, one of my secretary's duties was to read the local weekly newspaper and clip articles about us - and about any of our current or past clients. Then she'd laminate them on colored paper and either save them or...
Marketing your real estate services requires a lot of writing - especially now that we've discovered the value of regular blogging. That means you might sometimes be in a hurry when you write. And when you're in a hurry, small errors - such as a confusing modifier - can creep in. What do I mean b...
What I Wish My First Real Estate Broker Had Told Me When I think back to my first months in real estate, I realize I didn't know even 10% of what I needed to know. In fact, all I knew was what I learned in class. My broker took me on a tour of the listings – and gave me some hair-raising rides ov...
  Last week a real estate agent contacted me about writing a letter of introduction to go with my 10-letter expired listing prospecting letter set. His idea was to mail a one-shot campaign, putting all of the letters into one package. Hopefully, I talked him out of it. It would have saved him a f...
Most of the books and articles I've read about email marketing assume that the majority of people access their email at work. If that's true, then their advice to write on Tuesday or Thursday is probably valid. On Monday their in-boxes are filled with all the junk mail from the week-end and your ...
Update - OK, I asked too many questions, so I'm removing some. I'd still like to know anything you'd like to share about the situation - and especially about how you feel it will help or hurt the real estate industry.   Would you take a few minutes to give me your expert opinion on today's housin...

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