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My friend Joe from Hollywood Hair sent this video clip today. It has absolutely nothing to do with real estate or real estate marketing -  but I enjoyed it so much that I decided to share. The technology behind this clip is amazing to me - and the faces of these stars both past and present are si...
The first rule in writing a business letter is so basic that I learned it in college - decades before I knew that someday I'd be writing marketing letters and website copy for real estate agents. It goes like this: Never, ever, ever, begin a business/marketing letter with the words "I" or "We." (...
Real Estate Prospecting vs. Real Estate Farming – is there a difference? Most of the time we see the phrases "real estate prospecting" and "real estate farming" used interchangeably. Does that mean there's no difference? I don't think so. And I do think you need to do both. Real estate prospectin...
When you have a large and impressive vocabulary, save it for personal use. It doesn't belong in your marketing copy. All copywriters know this, so I was shocked yesterday morning when some really bad advice arrived in my inbox. It was an email from with a link to "100 Words Ever...
Real Estate Self-Promotion – Why writing about yourself is a struggle. You write beautiful blog posts, you write captivating descriptions of your listings for sale, and then… you try to write your bio or a home page that promotes you, and you get stuck. Almost every agent who contacts me to write...
More Marketing Grammar: Who vs. Whom Yesterday's post was all about choosing between "who" and "that" in sentences making reference back to someone or something. The comments brought up another question – who vs. whom – so I went back to Grammar Girl for the answer. TIP: For anyone who isn't sure...
Who vs. That – Which to use? The grammar checker in my Word program is notorious for telling me to use atrocious grammar. It always wants me to use a plural verb with a singular noun and vice versa. I keep muttering "Who programmed this? They don't even know basic grammar."  One of the correction...
Is it ethical for you to use pre-written blog posts? Not long ago I read an Active Rain post condemning the use of purchased blog posts. The writer claimed it was misleading - and unethical. Then a few days later a commenter on one of my posts mentioned the fact that had become aware that I sell ...
Monday is my favorite day of the week, for several reasons:  Monday brings the gift of a fresh slate - a time when I can say "Ok, some days last week weren't so productive, but this is a new week." (Kind of like January 1st, 52 times a year.) After a week-end of nothing but junk email, something ...
OK, I know I'm being picky again... Sorry, but I do think these details matter to at least some real estate clients, and that they might cross an agent off their list for breaking simple rules of etiquette and grammar. Every now and then, in a real estate blog post, I see a "manners and grammar" ...

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