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Copywriting has plenty of rules - and many of them are vastly important to your success in marketing. But one rule stands out above the others, because when you break it, the rest of them won't matter. Few will read what you wrote. I call it "Rule #1." What is Rule #1? Never, ever, ever begin you...
Real Estate agents would all like to be respected for their work and treated as professionals - right? It's an uphill battle because you have too many agents whose lack of professionalism - and courtesy - makes the whole industry look bad. This week I decided to help my son in his efforts to find...
Today I received an email from an agent who wants me to write her bio, and I asked her where she found me. She forwarded a section from a Facebook page where a writer was asking where to find someone to write a bio - and Marge Piwowarski answered, giving my name and web address. That was pretty c...
We all get cross when we think about people who "Work the system" to get plenty for nothing, so this news about people who actually need help missing out because they don't know this little quirk in the system caught my interest.  Remember the prison warden in the 1967 movie Cool Hand Luke? One o...
You want to blog regularly - every day, or maybe even more than once a day.  But... sometimes the "Idea well" runs dry.  Here's a siimple way to re-use old ideas (or to generate multiple posts from a single new idea).  First go back through your traffic and choose an older post that did well.  Th...
It's hard to even imagine an agent being so unprofessional and idiotic as to post an offer rejection on Facebook. But it happened to Debbie. Seems unethical to me as well, but my idea of unethical and what is "legally" unethical are often two different things.  Facebook is Not for Contract Negoti...
Last week I went shopping with a good friend and as we drove along we discussed the latest "news" around town. She mentioned that one of the "old timer" couples was having a 50th anniversary celebration. She said "I don't actually know them, but we're all invited to the party." I had seen the sam...
Barbara Todaro and her team are proof that direct mail and consistency lead to success. So is deciding on your target market and focusing your efforts on that market.  If you want to build a business and a reputation, follow Barbara's blog and take her advice to heart.  My direct mailing schedule...
Yesterday's email from "Make a Living Writing" was all about forgetting the excuses and just getting with it.  The more I read, the more I thought about how the points Carol was making applied not just to freelance writers, but to real estate professionals as well. Her solution applies as well. S...
Are There Eye Stutters in Your Marketing Copy? "Eye stutters" are related to what I call "Stop signs," but are slightly different. These happen when your eye and your thoughts encounter "bumps." Stop signs, you may recall, are misused or misspelled words that make you stop and go back to figure o...

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