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Anyone who knows Anna "Banana" Kruchten, or has followed her blog for any time at all knows that she's not only a consummate professional – she's also one of the most up-beat individuals you'll ever know. When the going gets tough – as it did in the Phoenix market just a few years ago – she looks...
Seldom do you find a husband and wife real estate team with such well-balanced talents.   Donna Foerster is the "wordy" half of Metro Denver's Foerster Team. She takes care of the marketing, the blogging, and the technology. Her husband, Rich, is the detail-oriented numbers guy.   Donna's is a st...
When Helen & Larry Prier moved their successful real estate practice from Phoenix, Arizona to Anacortes, Washington, they took on a challenge that few agents dare: Starting their own real estate agency in a new community.   Most would join an established firm in order to have the benefit of an es...
You learn something new every day - at least if you're paying attention. This fun post about cows and waterbeds is my "something" for today.  If these could be heated, I'll bet my horse would love one on our cold North Idaho winter nights.Are more cows than people sleeping on waterbeds in PA toni...
You know all those people who send you mail you don't want - and who completely ignore your attempts to unsubscribe?  Yesterday I read a message that caused me to think about those email marketers in a whole new way.  The message was all about not being upset when someone unsubscribes from your l...
Christi's heartwarming story is just one more proof that you never know where your next client might be coming from.  Using your business card to give people your phone number in any kind of situation is a smart way to prospect without even asking for business.  Way to go Christi! (And I hope tha...
I hope some smart attorney saw this clip on TV and contacted that lady. The police won't help her - the bank is brushing her off - and they should both be punished with huge fines, restitution, and perhaps a little jail time.  When has it become OK to break into someone's home, steal their belong...
It doesn't matter whether you're writing a real estate prospecting letter, a blog post, or a web page - if you want people to read your message, you have to make it easy.  Start with the font size. The default Active Rain font is too small - as is the default font on many WYSWYG and franchise web...
The real estate letters you send may be a prospect's first introduction to you, so approach them the same way you'd approach door knocking. When a homeowner opens the door to you, you don't start right in telling them how wonderful you are, yet agents often take that approach when writing letters...
You know what they say - honey works better if you want to attract flies. (I'd rather not, but that's beside the point.)   What if you want to attract clients? Should you use honey – or vinegar?   Today a client told me that she admired the layout on a few websites and sent the links to show me. ...

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