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Sitting at my keyboard this afternoon making updates to a client's web copy, I started wondering... How many other real estate websites need similar attention?  How many real estate websites need... Updates to agent designations or awards? Updates to reflect changes in email addresses or telephon...
Yes, really. If you make them mad at you, they'll comment to tell you about it.  Not that I'm recommending that, but I do find it interesting.  This morning I came across a LinkedIn post entitled "Stop Using These 30 Phrases at Work." Curious, I clicked to see the 30 phrases. There were a few on ...
Those of us who study the Law of Attraction have heard repeatedly - if you want to allow more good things into your life, you must give willingly. If you try to hang on to everything for yourself, you're setting up the wrong vibrations. I believe that's true.  But today I read another bit of advi...
Renae has some good ideas about using designated days of the month to create specialized marketing events.  If you have time to put them together, you'll have fun and make an impression on potential clients. But even if you don't have time, you can still use these days in marketing.  Use them as ...
Something really strange is going on with my email... When I write to clients I always send a copy back to myself, so I can keep track of the conversation. (I know, it's in the sent file, but I can't trust myself to remember to move it.)  Lately, many of those messages have been coming back label...
Bryan Robertson presents an effective plan for getting listings. It's not difficult, and it's not expensive. What it requires is some good old fashioned effort. Otherwise known as work.  If you're seeking status as the neighborhood expert in an area that encompasses some retail activity, I have s...
Perhaps this just annoys me because I have satellite service and don't instantly zoom from one page to another on the Internet.  Maybe I'm just being a cranky old woman today, but all the steps it sometimes takes to read an article really annoy me.  Just now I got an email from the Active Rainers...
Have you ever experienced exploding glassware?  I hadn't, until today.  I was unloading the dishwasher and reached into the cupboard to move a glass to make room for more. As soon as I touched it, it blew up! The cupboard was at head height, so part of the glass hit my face (but no, didn't cut). ...
Every now and then one of my posts about the words you use in real estate marketing will receive a comment from someone who thinks it really isn't a big deal. I disagree. I think it's a very big deal. Why? Because words are our means of communication. We can only communicate clearly when we choos...
Petra offers up five good reasons why some buyers just can't seem to get an accepted offer - and most of them lead back to the agent not doing their job.  There's no reason for sloppy offers, incomplete offers, and offers that don't follow the instructions. But you listing agents get those offers...

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