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They say you can learn somethng new every day, and I sure did today!  When I read this post I started thinking I must be the only one who didn't know that the mouse wheel could do all these thing. Then I read the comments and found I wasn't alone.  I'll definitely be using these tips in the futur...
Barbara brings up some good points about social media manners - and what to do when people don't mind theirs.  I don't understand why anyone here would feel the need to attack someone else. If you disagree, say so politely. If their attitude or opinion is so far from yours that you want nothing t...
As anyone who knows me knows... I'm not a foodie. Having to stop what I'm doing to cook or eat is a real annoyance. But you sure couldn't tell it today. My husband and I went to Sandpoint to do some errands and stock up on a few items we can't purchase in Priest River. We stopped for lunch, as us...
A while back people were saying we needed a G+ button on our websites so people could "Plus" our pages.  OK - I did that to at least some of my pages. Since my site is HTML instead of Wordpress, it means editing each page, one at a time, so I worked on it when nothing else was more pressing.  But...
On Wednesday the weekly newspaper came out - with a full page ad for a new business opening in town.  We'd seen activity in that building, which was once the feed store, and we'd wondered what they were planning. So here was the answer: A convenience store, arcade, restaurant, and bar.  The grand...
Cindy's heartwarming success story reinforces something I tell all my copywriting clients: People really will trust you more readily when you've let them see who you are.  They're looking for a way to connect with you on a more personal level, so I encourage all my bio clients to let me share a l...
Judging from the number of errors we see - even in headlines on the front page of our local newspaper - it seems that a whole lot of people are confused by apostrophes. The first rule to remember is that they're almost NEVER used to form a plural. The exception: When they're used to form the plur...
Whether you're blogging or creating a page on your website, you're marketing your services. You hope that your real estate marketing efforts will be repaid with new prospects calling, emailing, or texting you for assistance with buying or selling a house or land.  So wouldn't it make sense to mak...
What do you say when someone asks you what you do? If you sell real estate, you may be tempted to say just that. From there you're hoping that the person will ask questions and allow you to expand your answer.   So why not expand it without being asked? I'm not suggesting you ramble on, but that ...
Considering how much I blog, most people who follow me probably know ALL about me, but here goes... 1. I'm a hermit. If I can talk my husband into going to town for groceries, I do, so I can stay home.  2. At the same time, I love visiting via phone or email with my clients and agents who simply ...

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