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Every now and then I come across one of our old sayings and stop and look up the origin. I keep thinking that when I have time I'm going to do some serious research and write a little e-book about it. (It's somewhere down at about #10 on the "As soon as I have time" list, but that's another subje...
Every now and then you see an ad that makes you stop and wonder: "What were they thinking?" I noticed one of those today, when reading an Internet news article. The ad read: "Weird food kills blood pressure!" Then it went on to say I really needed to subscribe or buy a book or something. I know w...
In real estate marketing your grammar and word choices really do make a difference - because in many instances the words you choose are the first impression your prospects have of you and your professionalism. Your primary goal should be to make your words "disappear." In other words, your reader...
How do you find relocating buyers? Every city has people transferring in for jobs. Even in my small town where there are NO corporate offices, the school district brings new people to town. And all those new people need a place to live. So why not put yourself first in line to help them find a ho...
Real Estate Marketing: Some things never change We read and hear so much about how real estate marketing has changed, and when it comes to marketing methods, it's true. The change has been dramatic. You now have ways to reach out to prospects and to expose your listings to the marketplace that we...
This morning's Grammar in Real Estate Marketing post comes to you thanks to a suggestion from Palm Beach Home Stager, Kathy Streib. We shared some "words and grammar" pet peeves on the phone this morning, and she mentioned that the misuse of advice and advise is an error we see on Active Rain far...
When you're marketing your real estate services to dozens or even hundreds of people through your propsecting letters, your email messages, your blog, and your website, the temptation is there to think of your audience as a group. I can't count how many messages I've seen that make reference to "...
You probably know that I write a lot of real estate agent bios. It's one of my favorite projects, and sometimes one of the most challenging. It's challenging for two reasons: One is that it's like working a puzzle, putting all the unrelated pieces into order and making them work together to paint...
You spend a lot of time and/or money buying or creating the content in your real estate website. You want it to reflect your expertise and your dedicaton to your clients, so it needs to be "just right." But the content is only the first step. After you know the right words, you have to arrange th...
Bob Bly has done it again - sent something in his morning email that I just have to share.  We've talked before about elevator speeches - and the need to convey exactly what you do in terms that just might make the person who asked "What do you do?" want to learn more.  I shared with you how I le...

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