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Becoming "The" agent in a neighborhood is a position to aspire to - and Jennifer offers useful 5 tips for making that happen.  I especially like #4 - Disregard the price point and choose a neighborhood filled with people whose company you will enjoy. You'll get more listings and sell more homes. ...
Melissa Zavala is a super achiever - a lady with many irons in the fire who manages to stay on top of all her business obligations - while training a puppy at the same time!  If you want to get organized and stay on top of your business, I think you should buy her book!  Since we are about half w...
Yesterday the photos in the pets for sale want ads caught my atttention - and I realized I had never heard of some of these dog breeds.  Where I live in North Idaho the majority of dogs are mixed breeds, and most of the dogs I met when I worked in animal rescue were mixes of common breeds. We saw...
Patricia Kennedy reminds homebuyers that it isn't necessarily smart to spend as much as their mortgage lender says they CAN spend. Mortgage lenders have no idea of the other things that are important - like attending concerts, taking a vacation every year, or sending your child to a private schoo...
Every now and then I read about ridiculous instructions on products.  The iron that comes with instructions not to use it on clothes while you're wearing them. The blow-dryer whose instructions say it shouldn't be used in the shower.  Once we rented a car with roll-up windows and the manual told ...
It feels like time for a Saturday rant... If you offer a link - PLEASE link directly to the promised information.  Don't tease your readers with the promise of something - then send them to a page with a long list of links they get to sort through to find whatever you promised.  That just happene...
Kat brings up an important issue with this blog about hiding things. These sellers planted seeds of suspicion in their would-be buyers and it cost them the sale.  How many times have you seen people do the same thing in their business dealings - or even their social lives? They tell some small li...
Perhaps it's just me - or just my computer - but I keep running into this.  I read something I'd like to share on Google+, so click the G+ button, and I get this: Since I already HAVE a Google+ profile, what am I supposed to do here? Create a new one? I don't think I'm going to do that.  Is anyon...
Donald Payne brings some welcome news - for real estate agents and for former homeowners who were victims of the economic downturn.  Not long ago I added a "Homeowners on the Rebound" letter set to my prospecting letters collection - because by now many of those who lost their homes at the beginn...
Asking for testimonials isn't easy - at least it has never been easy for me. It's too much like fishing for compliments. But oh how powerful those testimonials can be! This week I wrote a bio for Boston area agent Guy Contaldi, and I'll have to admit that I didn't write what I really wanted to sa...

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