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What most people don't know is that real estate school doesn't prepare you for the real world any more than high school prepares you for "life as a grown up." The courses should be longer, more intensive, and include segments on such things as psychology, bookkeeping for real estate agents, deali...
Does it sound just way too lame to say that I plan to catch up on some of the work I let slide during the busy spring, summer, and fall?  There's a ton of it, and I'll feel much better when I get it out of the way.  Cleaning - I'd much rather be outside than indoors, so ever since spring planting...
Deciding what to do to benefit my business during the holiday slow time is a matter of deciding what to do first.  I have a growing list of things that need to be done - some that I look forward to and others that I pretty much dread. First - what I dread: Everything that has to do with learning ...
What is This Year's "Must Buy" Tool, Appliance, Toy, or Gadget? Not watching much TV does have its drawbacks. For instance, I don't know the answer to that. Had we driven to town on Sunday to get the newspaper, perhaps I'd have read all the ads and found out.  Not that I want to run out and buy w...
Today was a day to take a little more time than usual thinking about all the reasons you have for being thankful. Along with health, earning abilities, your environment, and maybe even your new car, you've no doubt thought of friends, family, and the clients whose support keeps you making a livin...
Today's message for copywriters from AWAI (American Writers & Artists Institute) was all about getting clients to come to you rather than you chasing after them.  While it was marketing advice for copywriters, not real estate agents, the businesses are similar in that we always need/want more cli...
Yesterday was errand day, and American Recycling was among our many stops.  Our son is a power lineman, and in the course of his work he and the other linemen salvage the scraps of copper wire left from jobs. Every year or so we haul his share to the recycler for him, along with our aluminum cans...
Today I learned a new name for a farrier - for those who don't know, that's a person who takes care of trimming horse's feet, nailing on shoes, etc. Most of them are also pretty knowledgeable about treating any kind of foot injuries or ailments. The new name: "Equine Podiatrist." We had to go in ...
Those email subject lines can be tempting... so you open the email thinking that what was offered in the subject line will be there - right there to read.  Instead, it repeats the subject line, gives perhaps a sentence or two, and then says ... read more.  I've quit clicking, because almost every...
This morning an agent wrote me asking for suggestions about how to word a letter to the owner of a vacant house.  I referred him to my Absentee Owner Prospecting Letter Set and then sent him a sample to help him get started. Of course I had to re-read my landing page as long as I was there. With ...

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