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Every once in a while one of my copywriting clients will ask me to remove the contractions from their copy - or they'll do it themselves before they post it. Once several years ago I wrote a fund raising letter for an animal rescue and one of the board members who had studied journalism insisted ...
The Christmas Tree is a story my Mom wrote many years ago for my children. She passed on 13 years ago, but I still take the story out each year... I hope you enjoy The Christmas Tree as much as I have over the years.
Thought I'd mention it - just in case someone DID order from Walmart and so might be fooled ... I have not placed an order, so this is an obvious phishing attempt. The Walmart Logo was at the top, and the message reads: Sir/Madam, Your order WM-37463 delivery has failed because the address was no...
Is your Christmas tree a memory book? Mine certainly is. I've had friends whose trees were "decorator masterpieces" - a new theme and color scheme each year. That's not for me. My tree has ornaments that my Mom used during the Depression. They're not pretty, but I keep them. It has other ornament...
Technology is wonderful, and I do want to learn more about how to use it well - but in the new year I will be a little less trusting of it. The scare I got yesterday made me realize that I had allowed myself to be lulled into feeling a little too secure. It was just a scare, thank goodness, and n...
This year our family has been shrinking. First, back in April, we lost my husband's dearest friend: Ralph. That dog was his constant companion and his passing left a huge hole in our lives. Then, suddenly two weeks ago, we lost my girl Suzie. She was fine one day, got sick, and was gone 26 hours ...
If you haven't been keeping in touch with all your past clients and your sphere of influence, perhaps it's because you don't know what to say to them. Sending more and more marketing messages will only annoy them - and that's the LAST thing you want to do. You can send market reports, and many of...
You may have noticed before that I'm completely impressed with Cole Publishing - and so when they offered, I said yes to becoming an affiliate. When I've written about them before, several agents have said that they get the same information from the County, but I wonder if that can be. Does the c...
In real estate marketing we often use the words prospecting and farming interchangably - but they really are not the same. When prospecting we're mining for new clients. We're reaching out to people who don't necessarily know us at all, and attempting to show them why it will benefit them to get ...
Sheesh! These people even make it hard to give them money. Several days ago I got a notice from the IRS that I had made a mis-calculation and needed to send them more money. Not a happy letter, but OK, I guess I'd better do that. The notice included a voucher - with a different address on each si...

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