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Do you have an office at home for your real estate business? If so, you no doubt have equipment - a computer, if nothing else. You might even have a copier, a fax machine, a nice desk and chair, file cabinets, and a separate telephone line. That's all good. You can even take an income tax deducti...
How many website visitors browse your testimonials page? All of them? A few? Not enough? Everyone knows that third party endorsements are more valuable than anything you could say about yourself, so the more prospects who read your testimonials, the better. A good idea for "pushing" your testimon...
Today I decided to read our weekly newspaper while I ate lunch. It takes only about 5 minutes to get through the few articles, so for want of something else, I read the school lunch menu. First I noticed that they offer chicken sandwiches 3 days a week, but then something else caught my eye. The ...
One important step in editing your writing for clarity and readability is that of tightening the copy. You tighten copy by eliminating words that add nothing to your message. (I just removed "the" before "words" because it added nothing.) Most of us tend to add extras - maybe as a hold-over from ...
I know - I'm strange. I like quiet. If music is playing I either sing along, tap my feet and jiggle, or get up and dance (even if no one else is here). If it isn't suitable for any of those things, it simply makes me nervous and annoyed. I want it gone. Plenty of copywriters have certain kinds of...
Can you use direct response advertising methods to improve your real estate marketing materials? Sure you can - and you should. Successful direct response marketers use writing formulas to lead readers through their copy and get them to pick up the phone, click the link, or otherwise say "Yes" t...
As we came into the small village of Laclede today we noticed a warning sign ahead. It was painted on a 4X8 sheet of plywood, mounted in the back of a pickup, and situated so everyone coming down the highway could read it. Of course, since the first word was warning, we paid attention. Maybe some...
    Yesterday I wrote about how the cleaning woman's term "wipe down" gave me the impression that she hadn't actually cleaned anything. (And she didn't really do a very good job.) In the past we've talked about the difference between anxious and eager – anxious can give the impression of being wo...
For some reason today I got to thinking about the cleaning woman my son hired the last time tenants moved out of his duplex. She annoyed me and I wouldn't recommend her to anyone. But it wasn't just because of her work. Part of it was because of the words she chose. First, I've since been informe...
Tonight we were invited to a neighbor's for pizza, and while we were there, he remembered to return a book to me. That was wonderful, except for one thing. It wasn't my book. He said that in that case, he had no idea who had lent it to him. But... I should take it and read it because it was a goo...

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