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    Most of us are hard-wired to try to please. AND most of us in business are hard-wired to take every new client who comes our way - then to try to please that client in every way.   That's a good thing - sometimes.   Those traits can lead to success in business – but they can also lead to frus...
Yesterday's mail included a letter from an agent telling me that she's using Google Adwords and getting plenty of traffic to her site, but nobody is signing up for home searches or home valuations. She wondered what she could do to turn it into a lead generator. So, after asking a few more questi...
Earlier today I got a call from an agent who wanted to know more about my Multi-family Expired Listing letters. She'd been exploring and had come across an Active Rain post that I wrote the day after those letters were launched - two years ago. It only goes to show that our old posts DO still get...
Ever since the Patriot Act banks have become more and more intrusive into people's private business. This is just one example - but one you can't avoid if you want to purchase a home with a mortgage. Advise your buyers to take this good advice and begin preparing well in advance of the home searc...
The following letter just arrived in my in-box, and it seemed like a good question to pose to agents. This is a couple who has traveled from Florida to Tennessee three times in search of land, and they feel as if they're spinning their wheels. What advice would you give them? What questions would...
You may at some time have been shocked to learn that a copywriter charges as much to write a simple postcard as he or she charges to write a two-page letter. Why, when there are so few words? Because it can sometimes take longer to write a postcard than it does to write a letter – even a very lon...
A friend of mine in Texas sent this cute video clip entitled "Snow is a Four Letter Word." It might be a fun one for you folks who "sell sunshine" to send to would-be snowbird clients who haven't quite made the decision to buy. I keep seeing reports of snow - like 8" in D.C. last week - and feeli...
Today Jay's quote brings us a bit of history that most of us didn't learn in school.Too bad, with more stories like this one, students would probably take a greater interest in their history classes. And what's the lesson behind this story? Even smart and wealthy people sometimes mess up. Henry F...
Before you start wishing, think it through. If you get what you want, will you still want it? A few months ago I got a brilliant idea - Since I love to read mystery novels, I'd start posting reviews on Amazon when I had time. Then perhaps one of these days I would get hired to write book jackets ...
This is a subject I harp about with regularity - and it's the reason why I offer more than 40 different sets of real estate prospecting letters for drip marketing. The more people see your face and read your name, and the more you provide them with useful and/or interesting information, the more ...

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