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How did this happen? I have no idea... Earlier today I moved the clean laundry from the washing machine into the dryer - and there in the bottom of the washer was my wristwatch. How did it get there? Do I remember where I took it off when I came home yesterday? Nope. But I'm pretty sure I didn't ...
This morning's email brought an interesting little video - in which a newsman went out on the street and asked natural-born citizens questions about our country. He said that when immigrants want to become citizens, they have to pass a test with 10 questions. The questions are drawn from a list o...
The last few days my email has gone whacko - why? I've spent a lot of time on the phone with both GoDaddy and the tech from Frontier - and each time we thought we had it solved, but didn't. When I try to send an email sometimes it goes out as expected. Other times (yesterday it was about 2/3 of t...
What started this little rant... A couple of mornings ago I was startled to see an unusually large number of agents purchasing my little ebook: "107 Ways to Build Your Real Estate Career on a Tiny Budget." Curious, I wrote to a couple of the purchasers to ask where they found it, and learned that...
    Do you ever get confused between the meanings of less and fewer? Or did you think the two are interchangeable? I know they're not the same, but I do sometimes get confused. Earlier today I was working on real estate marketying copy for a client and I wrote: "… to get you the best possible pri...
Sometimes the best intentions simply go sideways. Last week an agent in Florida contacted me about writing her bio. I sent her my usual reply, explaining how I work, and she wrote back to say "Let's do it." So far so good - until she decided to be double-sure that her deposit reached me right awa...
Today our weekly newspaper arrived, so I took ten minutes to read it. ( I always skip half of the pages because I have no interest in school sports.) After cringing at the spelling - faire for fare in an article about a new food business - I went on to an article about a group that is desperately...
Have you trained a puppy lately? Our "little guy" is a little over 6 months old now, and he's plenty smart. He learns new things instantly. He was house trained within 3 days of leaving an ourdoor kennel where it was not an issue. (He's still having trouble with "no chew" and "not yours.") But......
If I disappear from Active Rain and you hear they hauled me off to a funny farm, blame Wordpress and my non-techie brain. Since yesterday I've been trying to add a Wordpress blog to my site. It's there - but it's not right. It doesn't look how it's supposed to look, and it's been ...
If you're out there marketing for new listings but not having much luck, the problem could be that your target is too large. In an effort to market to an entire city, your message must necessarily be generic. Probably TOO generic to appeal to any of them, except by chance. Those are the ads we se...

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