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Every time I speak with a new agent I encourage them to join Active Rain and start blogging. I tell them to come here, get acquainted, learn how it's done, and then become a Rainmaker so their posts will go out to the world. If you're a new agent and wonder if that advice is good, read on. Debbie...
Sometimes I wonder... Just when we think the scammers are getting pretty smart, they come up with something so blatantly silly that I almost had to laugh. Here's today's entry: USPS.COM       Notification Your parcel has arrived at May 27th, 2014. Courier was unable to deliver the parcel to you. ...
Yesterday my printer died. I knew it was coming because for the past couple of weeks it had been making strange noises and having paper jams - even when it hadn't picked up a sheet of paper. Yesterday it simply insisted there was no paper. So... this is annoying, but I figured I could get by with...
Thanks to Bruce Kunz for reminding me that a whole lot of us are STILL confused about when to use its and when to use it's. After all these years or reading and writing, I think I only got this one straight a year or so ago. Why is it so difficult? Because "it" refuses to follow the rules regardi...
You probably agree with me that using good grammar in your real estate marketing messages is important. If you didn't, you wouldn't read my picky posts. And I guess it is picky when I get focused on a mere 2-letter word. Today the error that's bugging me is the use of "to" where "too"belongs. It ...
Today I have a brand new computer glitch - and I can't get to a help menu to figure it out. I can't click on a link in an email and get somewhere. I can copy the link location and paste it into the browser... but clicking does nothing. The computer had been sluggish lately, so this morning I ran ...
Last night my son and I were talking about Memorial Day - whether to go to the cemetery on the real day or the fake one. Neitehr of us is a fan of the fake one. We're both disgusted that Memorial Day has just become a reason for a 3 day week-end (Federal workers need more time off!). We wondered ...
The grammar you use in real estate marketing does matter. I know - some agents tell me that it doesn't - as long as you get the message across. And therein lies the problem. When you use the wrong word, only some people will get the message. For others it will be as if you placed a huge STOP sign...
Over the week-end I listed two stoves on Craig's list. One a well-used wood heating stove for $150 and the other an antique Monarch Wood Range. We sold the old heating stove within 22 hours. Then I got an email on the Monarch. The woman wanted to know when we could set a time for them to see it. ...
This is such important information. We can't entirely stop the incidence of identity theft, but we can take some common sense safety precautions and make ourselves a little less vulnerable. Hey, you!  Yeah, I’m talking to you!  The guy sitting there in Starbucks checking his bank balance on his i...

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