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For the last few weeks, computer problems have been popping up all over the place. Just when I get one figured out, here comes another. It got worse when I ran a program from Spark Trust - for a while I couldn't connect to FTP to make changes on my website, and also couldn't get to several other ...
Do you ever read a sentence and feel that something just isn't quite right? You understand what was meant, and at first glance the sentence looks OK, but it still feels a bit like stumbling over a rock you can't see. Here's an example of something I just wrote - and have to fix. Can you see what'...
Do you have a past client database? If you do, are you prospecting it regularly? All too often agents tell me that they've been "bad about keeping in touch" with past clients. And that's a big mistake, because they can be your richest source of new business. If they liked you, and if you cause th...
Every now and then an agent who purchases my pre-written prospecting letters will call or write to ask how often to mail them. The answer always depends upon the letters and the circumstances. If you're reaching out to short sale prospects, you need to contact them every 3 or 4 days, because they...
"When is it "sometimes" and when is it "some times"? This was the question put to me in a recent email. Rather than trust my instincts (which in this case were incorrect), I did some research. What I found were articles comparing sometime, sometimes, and some time. Nothing about "some times," bu...
  Yesterday morning my husband mentioned that one of the neighbor's calves must have gotten through the fence. The mama was hollering and hollering and the calf wasn't coming. Calves being calves, we figured it would find its way back, and we went off to town to do errands and have lunch. Later ...
Donna Foerster bring us some wise words about being careful of the energy around us. Negative, complaining people carry heavy, negative energy - and they'll more than willing to share it with anyone and everyone who comes near them. The result is an energy drain on you - which reduces your produc...
Yesterday's mail brought an envelope that fairly demanded that I open it. There's no way I could have dropped it in the trash:  Could you have NOT opened this? I think it's quite wonderful, but I sure wouldn't recommend using something like this unless you really know your audience and the reward...
    All these years I've been choosing to use "in," "im" or "il" by how the word sounds. That really does work pretty well, because when you get it wrong, it not only sounds funny in your head, it's hard to pronounce. But there are some rules. To begin with, most of the time the prefix to use is ...
OK - finally some really good news for folks who get confused about grammar and word choices. But first, some "History for wordies." (Is that a word?) It seems that according to the English Club, "okay" ranks number 1654 in the list of the mostly commonly used words in the English language. #1, b...


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