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You know I preach all the time about staying in touch with past clients and sphere of influence.  I don't just preach it - I do it. Every Thursday morning.  A few years ago I wrote only occasionally, and not on the same day of the week. My list was growing, but slowly.  Once I started mailing re...
Barbara's article on teamwork is interesting to me because I write bios for real estate agents - and more lately I've been writing bios for teams as well. Usually it's a bio for each agent, then a team bio.  It seems that every agency has a slightly different idea of what teamwork means. Each is ...
How to build a solid referral base...    Referrals are the world's best leads.   They bring you people who are already pre-disposed to like you, trust you, and hire you.   They also build your reputation. There's nothing that says "This is an exceptional real estate agent" better than a business...
One of the people who made a great influence in my life is a person who passed away before I was born: My Great-Grandmother.  She was a strong woman - one who made her way and made a difference. She was not only a country wife, raising cows, chickens, and garden produce to feed her family. She wa...
Yesterday I started trying to download photos from my camera. No luck. All the things that used to be there weren't there any more. I plug it in and nothing happens at all. So last night I gave up and determined that today I would find the CD that came with this 11 year old camera. I found it, ra...
Is customer service subject to trends? And if so, who is behind - the US Postal Service, or Fed Ex and UPS? I live in the country, so we have mailboxes - sometimes they're at the end of a very long driveway, and sometimes fairly close to our homes. Ours is about 150' or so from the house. Up unti...
Is Respect in Real Estate Marketing important, or optional? Today when I was feeling a little miffed I started thinking about respect. And since I'm always thinking about real estate marketing, I started thinking about them together. You definitely want respect. You want people to keep their appo...
Although Google's algorhythms are far beyond me, I know that there are two very important aspects to consider when you're trying to optimize your blog posts or your website: Getting Google to find you and give you a high ranking Getting people to stay and read once they get there Nearly every SEO...
Even if you purchased those letters, don't just cut and paste. Proofread them before you send them. Today I had a call from an agent who has purchased and mailed all sorts of expired listing marketing letters over the last couple of years and has gotten no response whatsoever. He couldn't figure ...
It's a bit disgraceful to forget all about someone who really made a difference in your life, but I'll admit that's just what I did.  At the time I wrote and thanked the lady, but I hadn't thought about her for several years until today. Today Bob Bly mentioned her in his email, and the memory ca...

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