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This morning's mix of email contained a link to an article on Trulia that I just "had" to read. It promised "5 Surprising Buyer Turnoffs." Since I provide weekly blog posts to a few agents with my blog post service, I'm always on the lookout for new buyer and seller tips that they can share with ...
Do your readers know what you're talking about? Watch those abbreviations! Reading a mystery novel last night reminded me of the folly of using abbreviations and acronyms. I kept running across "SD" and wondering what it meant. It's some kind of government office, but what? The first time I saw i...
One of the first lessons we learn as small children is to be polite. We're taught to say "please, thank you, and you're welcome." It's easy, and for most of us, it's automatic. But then there are those who have forgotten – or perhaps they never learned. It's probably just me, but a sales person c...
For a long time we've been feeding our dogs the store brand from Costco. I did the research and learned that it had better nutrition than anything I could find at our local grocery store, and the dogs all liked it. That is, until Murphy came along.  I bought a big sack of puppy food and then spen...
Before you send that letter to a prospect... stop and ask yourself this question: "How would I react if this letter arrived in my mailbox?" This is a rant resulting from the fact that I've been gnashing my teeth and snarling today. Why? Because I've come across three different articles that offer...
If you live in a city and are having to navigate around summer construction work, you have my utmost sympathy.  After a trip to the small city of Sandpoint today, I'm exhausted. Everywhere we turned there was construction going on, and long waiting lines to get on down the road. And they're chang...
Who is in Your Real Estate Sphere of Influence? When my first broker told me I needed to write letters to all the people in my sphere of influence, I didn't know what she was talking about. What sphere of influence? I didn't influence anyone except possibly my children. Who are all these people I...
Have you ever stopped to calculate what it might be costing you to let those in your sphere of influence forget what you do for a living? An article on Realty Times this morning pointed out that if you stay in contact with your sphere of influence, one in 12 of those people will refer someone to ...
  Thanks to Tammy Emineth for giving me inspiration for this week's real estate marketing newsletter (below).  After reading her post about blogging for SEO, it occurred to me that we blog for 2 purposes, so need to be creating posts for both.  What do you think?      Marte Cliff's Thursday News...
When my weekly real estate marketing letter goes out on Thursday mornings, I generally receive a few auto-responses, and this morning was no different - except for one thing. My in-box showed that I had 2 unread messages, but where were they?  Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling, up to the top I foun...

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