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That darned apostrophe is at it again! It's creeping in, inserting itself in words where it clearly doesn't belong.    Have you noticed? It's happening more and more lately.  I'm seeing posts that talk about "Realtor's" that never reveal the Realtor's WHAT. That's because the word should have bee...
Every now and then an agent asks me to review a letter they've written and make suggestions. And I've noticed a common tendency.  They all tend to begin with "Hi, my name is ______. I'm an agent with XYZ Agency and I'd like____. That's NOT necessary - and not even wise. In fact, if you do it, you...
This question comes to me with regularity from agents who purchase my prospecting letter sets.  And while I'd love to give them a hard and fast rule, there isn't one.   We all know that some marketers write so often that they become annoying, so...   How often is "just right" depends upon your ta...
This has been a week for me of saying "No, I'm sorry." Why am I sorry? Because I can't accomodate requests for a bio in 2 days - or even in a week.  Even if I had nothing else to do I wouldn't agree to furnish a bio in 2 days. It simply takes longer than that by the time I: Send my questionnaire ...
 Every now and then an agent who has purchased one of my prospecting letter sets writes or calls to ask advice on mailing. Should they use colored envelopes? Should they include a return address? Should they use company letterhead?    I tell them that not long ago I read that using odd-sized env...
Do you work for free - on purpose?   Your first reaction to the idea of working for free on purpose might be "No way." After all, you work for free often enough when you make a listing presentation and don't get the listing – or when you show buyers 37 homes and then they disappear.   But someti...
How do you feel about proofreading, editing, and revising the materials you've written?  I know many who dislike it to such an extreme that they don't do it - much to their detriment. One mis-used word can leave you looking silly.  One garbled sentence can cause your readers to shake their heads ...
You'd naturally like to believe that your sellers are honest.  You'd naturally like to believe that since you've explained the importance of the property condition disclosure, they'll list EVERYTHING that could possibly come back to bite them.  Unfortunately, some people just don't listen. They'r...
Thye #1 reason why clients quit doing business with us is so easily avoided - and yet agents are notorious for putting this activity at the bottom of their lists of things to do.  What is it? Clients forget us because we forget them.  The importance of staying in touch with past clients is the on...
Listening to Margaret Rome, Baltimore Maryland 's All About Real Estate show on WCBM talk radio this morning got me thinking once again about the words we choose in talking with clients and would-be clients. She mentioned that a client objected to the word "downsizing," so they renamed it "right ...

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