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It's been a most unusual week. Monday evening we came into the house to discover that our refrigerator had quit. Everything in the freezer compartment was melting and the milk was warm. Not good. Luckily we have freezers in the garage and it was 32 degrees outside, so I could put the rest of the ...
Yesterday I wrote a post about agent bios, because I'd been reading them and found so many to be lacking in anything that would interest a prospective client. Today something I read keeps coming back to puzzle me. One agent stated that he had been in the business for more than 20 years and had so...
How should you begin your real estate agent bio? With something that gives the reader a reason to keep reading, of course. And what would that be? Some sort of benefit. Some aspect of your service or your philosophy that sets you apart from the crowd. Sometimes I just like to see what other peop...
Become a parrot? What does that mean? Becoming a parrot means repeating back what has been said to you, and it will serve you well in 3 ways: You'll have to actually listen to what your client is saying - rather than think ahead to what you are going to say in response. Your client will see that ...
Does the name you choose for your business or your residence really make a difference? I think so, for three reasons: The Law of Attraction The subliminal impression it leaves on people It's psychological impact on you. I thought about this recently when I was looking for an electrician. A very n...
Every now and then I have to write a rant about over-long paragraphs, but today I'll take it a step farther. The size of your paragraphs DOES matter. When you get past 5, 6, or 7 lines your reader will have trouble keeping their place on your page. And unless the words are really compelling, they...
Today, in honor of my 6th anniversary on Active Rain, I went back to read my very first blog post. It was entitled: Why Do Realtors Use Wimpy Copy? and it got a whopping 4 comments. (Later on it was featured as an oldie on Russel's blog, so now has a few more.) In that post I wrote about how agen...
Wayne Johnson brings us an inspiring video about the 212 degree attitude - something we can all take to heart to give ourselves that little extra "push" to get over the top.   Sometimes Just A Bit More Effort It's pretty easy to see how a bit more effort leads to success in sports. In football, a...
When we pulled up outside it was evident from the flickering blue light that someone was home, so we knocked before entering. The door was opened by a surly-looking youngster who screamed "Dad, the real estate people are here." As we entered the living room, "Dad" grunted "Yeah - go look around."...
    Why Bother With Proper Word Usage in Real Estate Marketing? Almost every time I write about proper word usage someone challenges me – saying that it doesn't make any difference. I'm being too picky. As long as people can figure out what you mean, who cares if you write your when you mean you'...

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