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Courtney brings us wise advice - along with the "How to."  A news story carries so much more weight than an ad - it's as if the newspaper itself is endorsing you and your business.  When I had an agency we did things on purpose to get our names and faces in the news. Of course, in a small town th...
Have you ever had a dear friend whom you'd never met in person? I did. Her name was Kay Steele Faulk and she was a fellow copywriter. In fact, had we not been good friends, we'd have been competitors, because she also wrote for real estate professionals.  Instead, we were helpmates. When one of u...
Shaking my head again today, and wondering who in the world is in charge of Word's grammar checker.  A line in an article I wrote today reads: "Step two is where the real work begins, as you present and negotiate offers." Immediately the green line popped under those words, telling me I had a gra...
This question came up again today, when I read the intro for a post on a LinkedIn group. It said "head over heals..." OUCH!! That's not much different than "...waist your time on..." or "need to reign in..." or "selling there house" that I've seen on other posts.  If the writer is someone I know ...
You may never have heard of PHD, but your website may be suffering from it just the same... Here's how you can effect a cure. 
Suzanne shared a wonderful graphic that should come as a relief to some agents - the ones who think they should pony up and pay for a website with sound and motion.  It turns out that I'm NOT the only one who thinks those websites are annoying.  And, I'm NOT the only one who says things like "Kee...
Do YOU need a Tomato Timer? If you have trouble keeping yourself on task when you sit down to write, then perhaps you do. An email earlier this week from American Writers and Artists Institute mentioned that people have trouble making themselves sit down and focus when faced with what they view a...
One of today's featured posts told about the results of the NAR survey - saying that 49% of homebuyers who contact an agent expect an immediate response. Who taught them that?  Was it over indulgent parents who jumped every time their 3 year old whined - and let them continue that behavior throug...
How do you write the plural?  The question came up for me today as I was working on copy for a client. I needed to talk about something in his policy manual related to "Do's and don'ts" but the manual said "Dont's." Was that right?  I wasn't sure, so went to the trusty Internet to find out.  One ...
We've been hearing lately that blog posts need to be 1,000 to 1,500 words long for SEO, and my question was "What about the readers? Will actual people take the time to read that much?" Neil Patel has the answer to that and 6 more questions about content marketing in this morning's Quick Sprout b...


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