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Have you heard of FWP? It stands for First World Problems.  A client of mine who has had some emotional strain in the past few years started going to a counselor and learned about how considering FWP can help you put things into perspective.  It sounds pretty heavy... so when she asked me to plea...
Nearly every day an email entitled "The Client Letter" arrives in my inbox. Sometimes it includes ideas that I take and run with for a blog post or even my newsletter. Today the author, Jason Leister, brought up the subject of "fairness" and how we all want to be treated fairly. He went on to dis...
Our weekly newspaper this week ran both ads and a story about the annual "Christmas on Main Street" celebration. It seems this is the 10th year for a celebration that includes photos with Santa, goodie bags for kids, snacks, etc.  That's nice - but WHY have it on December 1? Why not wait until a ...
If you've read samples of my agent bios, you know that they all include some kind of personal information. It may be where the agent was raised, where they went to school, their hobbies, their charitable work, or something about their pets. Why? What does that have to do with their expertise as a...
Last Christmas our family added a new member - a sweet little puppy named Murphy. At that time he was much smaller than our old Heeler, Pepper.  And then he grew - and he got to be a rambunctious, enthusiastic greeter. When company comes I have to grab him or he'd knock them off their feet.  And ...
When you're building a real estate career the need to market your services never ends. You need to keep doing something every day to meet a new prospect, to nurture a current prospect, to connect with a past client, or to put your name in front of searchers.  Yes, you're busy. Some days you think...
Thanks to Gayle Rich-Boxman Fishhawk Lake Realtor (503)755-2905 for suggesting my research for today: The difference between affect and effect. This is a pair or words I thought I had down pat, until I read something to the contrary that made me think perhaps they were sometimes interchangeable. ...
Sometimes even experienced real estate agents go through periods of decline in their business. For years things went well and they had all the home buyers and sellers they needed without making an effort to market their services. And now...they're wondering why other agents seem to have plenty of...
Today's post is a suggestion from Harry Morris, who wrote that he sees a whole lot of people being confused about the difference between "then" and "than." Of course the meaning is VERY different. Then has an element of time. It can mean "next," or "at that time." For instance: "Back then I had n...
Thanks to Tom White for suggesting today's topic...the proper use of that, which, and who.  To begin at the beginning … according to all my grammar sources, who (and its forms whom and whose) only refers to people. That and which refer to things – EXCEPT when you're referring to a class of people...

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