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This one is so strange that I'd be willing to bet that no one reading this post has ever made this mistake.  While doing a little research today, I came across an agent site that stated: "Many of our current residences first came here as tourists." And here I thought they came here as piles of bo...
Today's email brought a couple of messages that came through the Active Rain system. I deleted both before I thought about them, but think they were both from the same person. He said he was an agent in New York and wanted referrals. And that's pretty much all it said. That got me to thinking abo...
Using the wrong word makes whole sentences make no sense, so it really does pay to learn which is proper.   Three problem pairs that I've been seeing a lot lately are: Compliment /complement Loose / lose Devices / devises Let's start at the top: A compliment is something you pay when you say some...
You already know the importance of first impressions. They're the reason you ask your listing clients to give their homes curb appeal.         They're the reason why you encourage clients to clean their homes from top to bottom, get rid of ugly aromas, and even stage for best effect. They're the ...
Some agents have trouble with grammar. Some have trouble with word choice (there/their; advice/advise; etc.) Some have trouble with spelling.  Those errors require either a proofreader or a concerted effort to learn grammar, sentence structure, word definitions, and spelling ... But one error is ...
This morning I glanced at the calendar and realized that today is an important anniversary - one year ago today we added a new family member: Murphy.  He was so cute - and so stinky that his first stop on arriving in the house was the laundry sink, for a good bath.  Here he is wrapped in a blanke...
A friend just sent me this - and I have to share! Take two minutes out of your busy day and give yourself a Christmasy smile...
About two months ago a new agent, Chris, wrote to ask about having a real estate bio written. He was building a website for his Naples, Florida luxury real estate practice. I wrote him back with all the information and we went forward. About ten days later I sent him a first draft with a request ...
Today has been a shopping day for me. I do have a trip to "the big city" scheduled this week, but when I know what I want, I try to find it on line, compare prices, etc.  Today, along with confirmation of the purchase, I got a couple of emails asking for feedback.  Why so soon? I have no idea whe...
This one is for Debbie Gartner  – and everyone else who has ever apologized for ending a sentence with a preposition. It turns out… The rule that says you mustn't end a sentence with a preposition tops the list of Grammar Girl's top ten grammar myths. It is perfectly fine to end your sentence wit...

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