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Inna's question is one I think most home sellers ask themselves. Is it worth the money? Is it worth the effort?  Home staging never made it to our small town while I was licensed, so I have no personal experience to draw on. Shoot, sometimes it seemed like we were lucky to convince sellers to mak...
Liz and Bill Spear make an important point - as a real estate professional you NEED to know what's going on in your local market.  That knowledge gives your clients an edge - and publishing that knowledge will attract new clients who want to work with an agent "in the know."  When I was a broker ...
"If I were." "If I was." Which is correct? Something I read yesterday just didn't look right, so I had to go and look it up. The question in my mind was whether it was proper to say "If I were" or "If I was."   My reading revealed the fact that much of the confusion stems from song lyrics. It see...
Praful Thakkar is singing my song with this post.  I also believe that a professional person needs a professional email address. Whether it's @yahoo or @gmail, in my eyes it still has a look of impermanence. I'm aware that many disagree, but that's OK. Then the second part - I absolutely believe ...
Did Praful go wrong? Not in my opinion, but maybe you have a different slant on this.  I'm thinking that perhaps the listing agent thought that by scheduling two showings at the same time he would create a sense of urgency - and cause one or both of those prospective buyers to make an offer.  Wha...
Today's email came with an offer for me to make a whole lot of money - or anyway, some money.  I didn't pay a lot of attention to the promotion, because the subject line set my teeth on edge. It read: "Your invited to...(whatever it was)" I couldn't stand it. I've never done it before, but today ...
Praful Thakkar has set a goal to earn 50,000 Active Rain points in one month. Why would you do so? For one thing, an agent who did so could go from paying the initial fee to having a free Active Rain blog in just ten months... Is that worthwhile?  And... the more points you gather, the higher you...
Real estate agents are sometimes surprised to see that among the questions on my "pre-writing agent questionnaire" are things like "Do you have pets? If so, how do they play into your daily/work life?" I also ask about volunteerism, hobbies, and leisure time activities.  Some agents want to know ...
So many of the agents I speak with are new - and overwhelmed at the cost of getting started in real estate. They thought the cost of the course would be it; then they learn about dues, E&O Insurance, equipment they need, and on and on.  I don't know why no one warns them, unless it's because the ...
Why do so many intelligent, well-spoken people have such a propensity to misuse the word "myself?"   I see it in blogs, in advertisements, in emails, and on web pages. And few days ago I was horrified to find this error in an email from a copywriter. If anyone should know better, it's a person wh...

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