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Here on Active Rain, several inventive bloggers post with headlines that are, at first glance, very deceptive. They do it to get clicks - and also to have a bit of fun.That's OK. Here we're a family and we enjoy the joke. But when you're writing to attract new clients, deception is the absolute W...
Gene Mundt offers valuable information for former homebuyers - and for agents who want to prospect to past clients who went through a short sale. Of course success is getting them into a new home will depend upon what they've done with their credit in the time since the short sale (or the foreclo...
Are business cards going the way of buggy whips? Some believe they are. They see business cards as mere clutter. They think it's easier to exchange contact information by entering names and information into smart phones, rendering business cards unnecessary. For some, that may be true, but I don'...
This morning's email brought a quote that made me laugh because of its truth: "A synonym is a word you use when you can't spell the other one." --Baltasar Gracián How many times have you decided to choose another word because you either couldn't spell the one you had in mind, or you weren't sure ...
They say a dog's memory is about 2 minutes long. Do you believe that?I sure don't.If it were true... How would they know where to go to their food dish? How would they remember which toy you were talking about when you said "Go find squeaky?" How would they know who was coming when they heard a c...
Melissa Zavalla has some great tips/ideas for those who can't think what to say, but know they need to blog. I would add something to her list - write about local events and local attractions. Whether it's an annual event, like a watermellon seed spitting contest, or an attraction like a pumpkin ...
Another real estate grammar question: Should you write "different from" or "different than?"Do you sometimes question whether your choice of words was correct, then have to stop and find the answer?That happened this morning when I wrote a comment on my post about letting your personality show wh...
When you're writing to attract prospects - let your personality show! Whether you’re writing a blog post, a web page, or an email to a prospect, one of the first things you need to do is get rid of the notion that your high school or college composition teacher is going to critique your work.They...
Once again, marketing guru Barbara Todaro brings us advice on how to become the recognized real estate expert in your area. I know her words below will be difficult to read due to re-blogs losing their formatting, so click on over to Barbara's blog and read her words of wisdom. You often read abo...
Have you read your website lately? Have you checked your bio lately? It might be a good idea. In doing a site review for one of my clients recently I found that we had references to how the market was doing in 2014 – so stopped to confer with him and revise the copy to say what the market is doin...

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