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Thoughts, ideas, insights, and tips on writing for real estate - from a former real estate broker turned real estate copywriter.



On this Memorial Day when we stop to reflect on the brave soldiers who gave their lives that we could have the freedoms we so take for granted... I hope we'll also remember those who came home, and those whose contribution has been shamefully ignored by most. When our soldiers returned from Viet ...
What do you do with your client testimonials? Sprinkle them around on your website? Add one to your email signature? Include one or more on your personal brochure, your postcards, and/or your prospecting letters? Those are all good ideas and will help draw attention to the fact that past clients ...
In the process of doing your job, how many people do you put to work? Let's start with what you do personally – Because you have an income, you provide jobs by purchasing food, gasoline, clothing, shoes, cars, insurance, restaurant meals, travel, toys and entertainment, education, household furni...
Who spends time thinking about a potato peeler? Well, this year that would be me.The story starts about 15 years ago or so, when a client asked me to let a young gentleman practice his sales pitch on me. Of course I said yes, so we set an appointment and met in the break room at my office.This yo...
And if you can't guess... I'm pretty tickled to have that kind of exposure!Back in February I got a call from Melissa Dittmann Tracey, a writer for REALTORMag. She asked if I would talk with her about agent bios, and if she could use quotes from me for an article she was writing.Of course I said ...
A few days ago a client sent me a copy of a bio that she thought sounded nice. It did sound nice, but after reading it twice I realized that it could have applied to almost any agent in the universe. It really didn't say a thing.The points were that the agent was: Professional Determined to provi...
If your marketing efforts would annoy David Ogilvy, chances are they'll fail. David Ogilvy was one of America's giants in the copywriting industry. Over a course of 50 years and $100 million worth of advertising, he not only helped his clients become wealthy, he developed some firm rules for copy...
Should someone become a real estate agent in Bonner County?Not unless they're prepared to learn all they can, market themselves aggressively, work long hours, and do such an outstanding job that their clients can hardly wait to refer others to them. It would also help if they either have a spouse...
The effectiveness of print vs. electronic marketing is always up for debate. While marketers like Barbara Todaro have proven that targeted postcard mailings fill their pipeline with listings, other insist that it doesn't work and is too expensive. Have they tested that theory? I'd say not, becaus...


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