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I do, and I see it all the time. Today I browsed through our local weekly newspaper and saw it 2 or 3 times. I've also seen it in the introduction to hardback books, and that really bothers me. I think authors should know better. My pet peeve phrase: "We would like to thank..." or "I would like t...
Kathy Streib asked me to find some rules for the use of lie and lay, so I went in search... And found that there's no wonder most of us are confused.Choosing whether to use lie or lay is easy if you're only working in present tense. The confusion comes because: Many people use these words incorre...
Why do errors in grammar, spelling, and word usage matter in real estate marketing?Because those errors make the reader focus on our words instead of our message.And when readers pay more attention to the words that the thoughts they are trying to convey, communication falters. Nobody writes just...
Charita Cadenhead asked, so I went looking for the answer. The difference between worse and worst, and when to use each: "Worse" is a comparative word, to be used when you are comparing two things, or comparing one thing to a set of things. Its definition is: "of a lower quality; less attractive,...
Some grammar goofs are more annoying and distracting than others, and I expect all of us who love words have a different idea of which are "worst of the worst." They're the ones that, for us, act like big stop signs in the text, just before they begin shouting "Error! Error! Error!"When Kathy Str...
Is your sphere of influence missing some people?You do have a database for your sphere of influence, right? And you do use it to get in touch with those people at least every 4 to 6 weeks, right?The next question is – is that database complete?An article I read on Realty Times this morning includ...
Several months ago Master Marketer Bob Bly wrote about being contacted by a newbie copywriter who told him all about what was wrong with his website.It’s a bit silly for a newbie to criticize someone who has been successful in the business for at least 30 years. Instead, he should have been tryin...
  What personality traits and skills are necessary for success in real estate? Following are my ideas/opinions, as presented in this week's newsletter.    Please feel free to add more!    Successful agents… Of course have courage. We went over that in part 1 of this series. Then in another Active...
Controversy is a good thing - right? I think so, and Stacey stirred up a bit of it with this post. What do you think? Is door knocking a good method of gaining leads or is it an obnoxious intrusion into people's lives? How do you react to strangers at your door?  Realtors Who Door Knock-Masochist...
A year or so ago when our phone provider - Frontier - offered satellite Internet at a great price, I called a couple of people who had signed on, heard that they were satisfied, then decided to try it.When the installer arrived I noticed that it was Hughes Net equipment, in spite of the fact that...

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