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This morning I received the following email with an attachment saying it was his resume:"Hello! my name is Jason Sharon doc is my resumeLooking forward to see your responseSincerely YoursJason Sharon"There was an attachment, but something told me not to open it. I know it Could have been an agent...
This grammar lesson is by request… and it's a tricky one!              Why use semicolons? Semicolons are most often used to add variety and flow. You might look at them as cosmetics for your writing. They add variety and allow you to separate related thoughts while incorporating them into one se...
If you're confused over the proper use of apostrophes, you're not alone. In a recent questionnaire, I asked my newsletter readers if there were some topics they'd like me to cover. One reader said "Grammar! And please start with the use of apostrophes." Since the explanation is a bit long for the...
Here in our corner of North Idaho we're very fortunate not to have any fires raging nearby, but a glance out the window reminds us that others are not so fortunate. The Tower Fire is raging  just over the line in Washington, while another blaze is still burning near Bonners Ferry. Its been a long...
When you're having a new bio written, you naturally want it to be a good one. You can help assure that happening by giving some thought to the information that will go into it. First, take a look at what other agents are doing: Some agents use dry facts that include schooling, designations, and t...
A Q&A article in the Spokesman Review this week presented a question about good manners, good business practices, and fear.The writer said she often had clients who made unreasonable demands, and she hesitated to say no for two reasons.First, she didn't want to appear unmannerly. She thought it w...
Two little-pursued niches where your work can really HELP peopleReal estate has two niche areas that many agents avoid because of the added emotional baggage the sellers are carrying. Those niche areas are probate and divorce.It's true that sellers in these situations are often more emotional tha...
When discussing pet peeves in language, my fellow word lovers often mention the use of the word "irregardless."Some have even expressed concern that its use is becoming so common that it may actually be included in dictionaries before long.Bad news – it already is. BUT – those dictionaries note t...
Focusing on the things that annoy us is always a poor idea, so what to do when feeling annoyed?How about focusing on the opposite of what is annoying?With that in mind, my non-rant for the day is a message of gratitutde toward people who answer their email or return phone calls. You're no doubt f...
Kathy Streib told me that the words "affect" and "effect" give her trouble, so she generally uses "impact" rather than choose one or the other. Since I had at one time thought I knew the rule - but then found some exceptions that confused the issue, I decided to go look it up and give myself a re...

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